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Check out what some of our athletes are saying about Game Time Strength Training & Nutrition.

GTS Fat Loss Success Stories

A few of our longer term Fat Loss success stories. Those who lost the weight and kept it off!

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Mayra Lost 50+ lbs and dropping, completed a Spartan Race and multiple Deadlift Competitions

Justin Lost 60+ lbs and dropping

Jorge Lost 60+ lbs and dropping

Dennis Lost 60+ lbs and dropping, and became a nationally ranked Master Powerlifter 

Karen Lost 50+ lbs, and currently #1 Ranked Master Women's Powerlifter in the USA

Joanna lost 15lbs+, competed in both a Deadlift Competition and a Spartan Race!

Linda looking amazing for her wedding day!

GTS Strength and Muscle Building

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Amanda after adding 16 lbs of muscle!
Amanda's booty development!

Andrew B's year 1 transformation in body and strength!

Jon realizing his strength potential!

Coach Jason transformation over the years.

Mike's Gold Medal finish at Nationals
Mark filling out his t-shirt!

GTS Online Program Design Pics/Testimonials

The GTS online training and program design athletes have been growing rapidly the last year, some compete and others just want to get strong and fit.  Here are a few of our online training athletes...

Jon B has been traveling the world for the last few years. He's been using the GTS Online Program and has trained out of Japan, Bali, Australia, US, and South America. The list continues to grow... 

"Jay and his cast of trainers at GTS are hands down the reason I have been able to stick to a workout program over the past year. This despite the fact that I have been traveling constantly over that time, with extended stints in Japan, Bali and Australia.

The training cycles work (I have gained 9lbs of muscle while losing 2lbs of fat), they are motivating in that your improvements are documented and easy to see and Jay is absolutely responsive to any and all questions I have had. Which have been many!

Going from a desk bound, corporate executive job to to a healthier more active existence has been very liberating and GTS has been fundamental to me changing my body and getting stronger.

Above all the training programs are FUN! I look forward to my weekly email outlining my sessions for the week and actually feel restless on "rest days".

Jay, Dennis and Joe make gaining strength and changing my body a priority for me and offer the encouragement I need to stay on track.

Thank you GTS!"

Jon H trains out of Reno, NV

“I've been in the gym my entire adult life but up until I hired Jason and GameTimeStrength, I realized the difference between having a personal trainer and having a coach; between working out and training. He tailors the workouts to highlight your strengths and still correct your weaknesses without trying to force an “everyone fits one model” approach. I genuinely believe Jason and his group are some of the best in the industry.”

“As a movement professional, I set my bar of expectations high when I seek counsel for my own training. Jason and his group are some of the best in the industry. His continual support and knowledge have helped me achieve goals I would have never thought possible for myself. His constant pursuit of learning and even more importantly, his ability to apply them to his clients safely and effectively is unparalleled. I have never worked with a better coach!”

Jonathan Hodges, PT/DPT
Nevada Physical Therapy
University of Nevada-Reno
Matt M currently trains in the Philippines, where he moved to take care of his mother.
"If you're reading this, consider yourself fortunate to be so positioned to even consider starting with Game Time Strength.  I have been training with Game Time Strength for two and a half years.  I started just before turning 43 years, now im 45 years old.  My original goal was to learn how to keep my back in shape to prevent a back injury at work.  Also, upon starting I was suffering from a rare and strong type of asthma that doesn't respond well to medications.

Upon my first session I could see that my asthma lessened as I progressed through the session.  I had confidence if I kept following the program my strength would improve.  I easily got the requisite strength I need to prevent injury, but I kept coming since the workouts at game time strength helped me so much with my breathing and asthma.  So, it's been a great experience to just show up to the workouts at game time strength to help my breathing and then watch myself get a state record, and a national record in deadlift, and to develop mobility that allows me to move really well through my daily life more easily than I have since high school, feel great physically and mentally.  Instead of feeling timid and hesitant due to my asthma and out of shape as well I feel great physically and mentally, confident, and generally excited about the new avenues opening up to me.  From where I was before, being able to scuba dive, and have a new life open up to me has been a completely life changing experience.

I found being at Game Time Strength to be a supportive, and positive environment with a structured program.   All I had to do was bring myself and be willing to set aside everything I thought I knew, work hard, and see profound results.  It's been awesome to see myself grow and change.  Friends and family noticed a lot after 90 days. Even better has been the experience of seeing everybody else at game time strength, improving and getting better before my eyes whether they're beginners or advanced.

Starting with game time strength has easily been one of the best decisions in my life!

Matt M

I've done the online program for 6 months and that is really great too in case you can't make it there in person!"
Phil trains out of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

GTS Yelp Reviews

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2013-2014 GTS Powerlifting Team Competition Pics

See GTS Powerlifting Team Los Angeles -  Competition pics, video and updates

GTS Performance Athletes

Regardless of your goals, at GTS Performance everyone is an athlete.   Meet a few of the athletes that have worked and trained with Jason over the years.

GTS - Building Strength and Community in the South Bay since 2010

Team GTS & 4 Star Gym at the Southern California Powerlifting Championships

Sep 16, 2012

Check out pictures, video, results and stats of Team GTS at Southern California Powerlifting Championships.

Received a really cool Facebook tag on a post from 700+ bench specialist Dennis Reneau this morning...

Read More on "Enjoying the Journey" via Dream Impossible

Walked in to 4 Star Gym last night into a deadlift storm given by Jason Kelske of GTS (Game Time Strength). Got to see something that I have not seen in a while - "Joy" on a lifters face as he smashed one PR after another.  
I wish I had a camera or a bottle to capture the moment because as we become elite lifters - we forget about those little advancements and what they truly mean and instead chase the end-game. Onward upward.

Thanks to Great Escape winner <post spoiler alert... perhaps it should have read "spoiler notificaiton">, Meat House and Rest Period Extraordinaire, Paul for his latest Facebook Tag about GTS...

"I always have a blast working out along side the Game Time Strength crew. If you're ready to get off the elliptical and actually get stronger while hanging with some great people, I can't recommend Jason and his team enough."

Team GTS at the USPA National Bench and Deadlift Championships, Costa Mesa. 7.1.12

Check out pictures, results and video from the 2012 USPA Nationals here!

El Segundo Youth Cheerleading Clinic 

Had a lot of fun running the warm up for the El Segundo Youth Cheer Clinic!

Big thanks to...

  • Cyndi Tomlinson for hosting a great event.
  • The excellent team of coaches for helping me run everyone through the exercises.
  • The talented Mr. Joe Buys for taking video and creating this master piece. 
  • And of course all the rockstar cheerleaders that came out to the event! 
Check out some video of the event!

GTS making an appearance on the USPA Nationals 2012 Flyer!

USPA CA State Bench Press and Deadlift Championships March 2012 Results!

Check out pictures, results, and video here!

Huge Congrats to Dennis!

10 Week Mark With GTS

Started his journey at 288 lbs and dropped about 30 lbs on his own.

Since he began training and nutrition coaching with GTS he's lost an additional 25 lbs and 5 inches in his waist.

See his 10 Week Email Here!

UPDATE 3.27 - Dennis is down to 213 lbs and dropping...
UPDATE 4.7 - Dennis is down to 209 lbs and continues to chip away at his eventual goal weight of 181 lbs.

UPDATE 5.13 - Dennis is down to 206 lbs and dropping.  See this blog post on his sailing adventures!

UPDATE 7.1 - Dennis weighed in at 196 lbs for USPA Nationals 2012. Congrats!
UPDATE 9.28 - Dennis weighed in at 195 lbs for Southern California Championships, and now maintaining 200 lbs or less! Goodbye 200's!

Amy, Chris, Stephen and Stefi (Overall fitness and improved athleticism, entire family training) 

"My husband, Chris, said he would "never" need or want a personal trainer. He has worked out at several gyms over the years and has seen many private trainers in action and was never impressed. At the 4-Star gym, there was a certain private trainer that he watched over a long period of time. He started talking to me about a guy named Jason. Jason is completely different than any trainer. He actually cares about his clients well being, improvement and success.  
Jason uses the newest techniques, exercises and equipment available in the world of training. Jason continues to improve himself and his business by taking classes, going to and teaching seminars all over the country!  He takes his results one step further by incorporating by placing a strong emphasis on nutrition. Chris was totally convinced Jason was someone that would make a difference in his life as well as his family's. 
We are a very active family and participate in many sports including tennis, golf, volleyball, football (you name it) and Jason has been able to bring out the best in all of us. My daughter Stefi, 16 and my son Stephen, 14 now work out twice a week with Jason. Besides building strength, endurance, speed and confidence, they are having the time of their lives with him! They come home completely exhausted but with huge smiles on their faces. Chris and I are also training with Jason. He is tailoring our workouts to get us in our best possible shapes to compete and stay injury free. We are very fortunate and appreciative to have Jason in our lives and thankful for all that he has done and is doing for us."

Having a little fun with Recording Artist, Actor, Model, Modern Day Renaissance Man and GTS Athlete Joe Buy's...

Check out more of Joe Buys at

See Training Footage of Joe Buys here!

LA Fit Expo - USPA American Cup 2012 Deadlift Results

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IPL World Bench and Deadlift Championship - December 2011

The Game Time Strength Team had a great time at the IPL World Powerlifting Competition in Vegas.

The team (9 athletes) walked away with...
  • 7 Gold Medals
  • 2 Silver Medals
  • 7 World Records
  • 1 American Record
  • Best Female Deadlifter Award
Results for the IPL Worlds are now online.

Pictures and Highlight Video of the event can be found below...

USPA Nationals 2011 Competition Pictures

Great day for 4 Star Gym and GTS.  Very first deadlift competition for 4 of our GTS female lifters! The group walked away with 10+ Gold Medals, a handful of State and American Records and best lifter awards in Men's Open Bench Press and Men's Open Deadlift!

Read Nancy's article on the experience... Hard Work and Taking Chances...

Eric (Ironman competitor, fitness enthusiast, California Highway Patrol Officer)

"While training for my first ironman, I came across the GTS banner at a local gym and realized I hadn't been addressing the strength aspect of my training.

Currently I train 1 day a week with GTS + running/biking/swimming on off (non gym) days. We cram a lot of exercises into an hour making the most out of the time I have...

The GTS program is the first strength & fitness program I have done. I like the goals Jason sets and the dedication and intensity he brings. It's pretty cool to have your trainer jump in and do the reps with you. It's motivating...
I currently train in a 1 on 1 environment and like that my workout is tailored to the sports I am training for. I like that Jason tracks my progress and adjusts the training as I improve.
Jason is a really upbeat and passionate about what he does. That attitude is contagious. Even if I don't feel like working out, Jason gets that little extra effort out of you.

When a trainer remembers how many pull ups you did the week before without checking notes, you know he takes it seriously.

At the end of my Ironman strength training program I had about a 40% increase in strength and reps over 8 weeks. My run time dropped a minute per mile and I finished my first half ironman.

This training and living an overall healthy lifestyle has carried over to all aspects of my life.
I love the variety of workouts that Jason brings to the table. It's nice to work with someone who knows so many different ways to kick your ass and makes sure you have the right form in the process."

Dagmar (Mother, Fat Loss, Tri-Athlete, now Powerlifter)

"My story is no different from many women my age. I had always been very athletic in the past but as marriage, motherhood and work caught up with me, I suddenly found myself turning 50, overweight and extremely out of shape. I decided to join my sister in participating in a triathlon just about a week before I hit the big 50. Coming across that finish line I was hooked.
So I decided to find a trainer. This brought me to Jason at 4-Star Gym. His training routines along with his nutritional background has resulted in a weight loss of 27lbs, decreased my time in my next triathlon by 20 minutes and I competed in my very first dead lifting competition. Something way out of my comfort zone. Who would have known? He has a wonderful personality and seems to get the most out of you without you even knowing it.
The women I have met are incredible. I look forward to my work outs. But most of all I feel incredible. I have more energy, my stress level has dropped and I have more confidence in myself. I would highly recommend other women to try this. I don’t cut myself short anymore. I now say “I can try this” before I said “I don’t have time” or the most famous of all “I can’t do this”. 
Just goes to show you, you never know what you can do until you try it.  Plus, I have made some wonderful new friendships. You just can’t beat that." - Dagmar

Linda (Mother, improved Hip, neck and shoulder mobility, now powerlifter)

"What an amazing and unexpected experience this has been. We had been working out with Jason @ Game Time Strength for only a few months when he suggested we join him in a national competion. Could we be ready for this with working out for only 2 hours a week and only 6 weeks of training for a deadlift competion? We all thought Jason was crazy at the time but that's what he is so good at, bringing out the untapped potential that we all posess. I had never competed in anything before so this was a real stretch for me!
Since working with Jason, the arthritis I have in my neck and hip has eased signifinitely. My overall strength, confidence , and ability to perform every day task have improved my quality of life. Not only that, the friendship and encouragement of other women, with similar stories, and working as a team has been priceless.

We all exceeded our expectations that day at the USPA competion and had a great time. I set a national record for my age group (I was the "oldest" woman there at 56 young) along with the others who did the same. I hope we can encourage other women to push a little harder to achive something outside there comfort zone. The benefits are endless."

Mike (Husband, Father, and back to incorporating an Overall Fitness Strength, and nutrition program after 15 years of inactivity.)

"I searched for a trainer using traditional search engines. What attracted me to GTS is how Jason made it easy to even get started. I met him in horrible shape (haven’t worked out since Nirvana was still a band!) and he was not condescending and his demeanor was not like a typical trainer who became one as there wasn’t any other career path. He was methodical and patient in the first session and knew I can have a good relationship with him. And that’s what you get with Jason – a relationship with your health. Anyone that leaves a top management consulting company to become a trainer – it says a lot about him and I know he will be successful.
I work out twice a week for an hour. Best investment I have ever made.
Jason listens to everything and his intellect is refreshing. He actually takes my success personally. Additionally, he is always looking for ways to improve himself to become a better trainer as he is committed to become the best trainer.
I train private. I like how I feel after the workout and how my outlook on life has become more kinder and I actually get more things done in life. Like I said, best investment I have ever made. It is my health.
... I'm actually looking for a new sport to compete in, possibly a triathlon in the near future.
Jason and the training atmosphere he creates is very motivating. I have more energy to get things done. If you are healthy you operate better in life.

Working out with Jason is like hanging out with one of your good friends as he simply CARES.
Best of all, my life has improved. My wife actually likes me better!"

Rob (Competitive Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Amateur Mountain Climber, Husband & Wife Training)
"I have been training many years and am always looking for more knowledge and different training methods to advance and keep boredom from setting in. A few months ago I had just completed a bodybuilding show and was looking to change direction because I was getting stale with my training. In the gym I workout at I had noticed a group class being held with Jason at the lead. It looked well structured and different than what I was accustomed to. I noticed each day that the classes were different than the day before and they always looked kind of fun. I decided that I wanted to work getting more cardio fit than I had been and decided to start taking his classes. the first day was really tough but was fun enough for me to want to come back and do it again. No class is the same. Jason always incorporates different routines and exercises so you never get stale or bored. I have become much more cardio fit than I have been in the past and just FEEL better.

I also have Jason training me in power lifting which I had never done in the past. I have had back issues in the past and have always been afraid of pushing myself for fear of hurting myself. Jason has gotten me past that mental sticking point in my head by safely training me to be stronger. He has gotten me to try my hand at dead lifting, something I have never done before and after only training for 12 weeks I was able to deadlift 500 lbs in Competition and set a new State and American Record in the Bench Press! 
Another thing I like about training with Jason is his positive reinforcement. He makes you feel good when you accomplish a goal however large or small it might be and that is so important to have. Jason is also a go-getter and is constantly researching new training methods and gaining more knowledge so he can keep his clientele in the best possible shape and totally up to date in training methods.

If you want a great trainer to whip you into shape and keep the boredom out of your workouts I would highly recommend getting Jason in your corner."

Donna (Fat Loss, Overall Fitness, Husband & Wife Training)

"Last year I was training with a famous celebrity trainer at the gym and when we noticed Jason doing Group Training she commented on how more trainers should do functional training like he was doing. At the time I had no idea of what functional training was. I needed to add more workouts into my week and Jason’s group class was the perfect opportunity to do it. They were challenging, FUN and always different! This made me really look forward to my evening workouts.  Currently I train in Semi-private GTS training sessions with my husband 3 nights a week. I can’t believe how much stronger I have become!
I'm now doing things I never thought possible! I'm strong and feel much more confident in the gym.  My favorite parts of the workout are the Tabatas, Band workouts, Ropes and the Card game! He gives you an amazing 1-hour workout. Recently I started his Nutrition Coaching plan and I feel great and I’m already halfway to my goal. I would highly recommend Game Time Strength to anyone serious about attaining their fitness goals."
Pictures from Rob and Donna's 5 day hike to Machu Picchu in Peru!

Santa Barbara USPA Competition April 2011

Jason, Anna & Rob

USPA CA State Competition 2011 

Rob's first Bench Press Competition

Joe Buys (Actor, Singer, Model, Nutrition Coaching Client, Strength Enthusiast)

"I met Jason about 3 months ago during one of my workouts and immediately we hit it off. After numerous run-ins and multiple conversations I decided to join the GTS team and challenge myself to the Game Time Strength nutritional program, all while getting help from a weight training perspective also.
After 4 weeks of "sticking to the script", I can say with no hesitation - this is the best I've ever felt. I feel more lean, my energy is consistently through the roof and my dietary habits are beyond anything I could have ever imagined (sorry M&Ms). I can't say enough great things about Jason and the GTS lifestyle he's built. It's not always easy, but it's always worth it."

Scott (Baseball Player, College Athlete, Nutrition Coaching Client)

"GTS has electrified my workouts. No longer do I take part in the same monotonous cardio exercises on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical. I burn 5 times the calories in the same amount of time with the various exercises used during the GTS High Intensity Interval Training.
Jay is a great motivator with his immense work ethic and his ability to get the best out of you during every workout. Even when I am out of town, I can trust that GTS will post new workout ideas as well as supplementary diet information. Thanks for everything GTS!"

Ricky (Father, Weekend Warrior, Strength Enthusiast)
"First met Jason at the 4 Star Gym where he was teaching a one on one GTSTraining session. That very day I was presented with those infamous "Ropes". If you have not had the privy of meeting them I suggest you do. After straining myself to complete a simple yet affective exercise, I realized how much I could benefit from Jason's instruction. I usually hit the gym everyday for at least 2 hours. I'd get results but they were minimal. But since receiving advice on nutrition and hitting my body's core with concentrated efforts, my deadlifts went from struggling to get 200 lbs. up to 400lbs and growing, my endurance is up, my focus and thought processes are sharper.
I get a boost of confidence when I look in the mirror and ask, "wow, who is this guy?" Following the Facebook blogs and getting near daily tips on new ways to shock my system is always a huge plus. I implement them into my daily routine. The interactive nature of being able to post efforts and receiving constructive feedback keeps me motivated to try harder.
When you work the GTS Training Program with Jason, you not only change the way you look and feel ... you change your life."

Maria (Fat Loss, Nutrition Coaching Client)

"For years I have tried to lose just a few pounds and although I managed to
lose some weight, I never kept it off. My boss trains with Jason, and since I was in desperate need to lose at least 20 pounds, she sent me over his information. I actually don’t make much time for myself, and don’t have a lot of freetime for workouts, so Jason put me on a meal plan that was my main source of weight loss. “The diet,” but it was not just any diet, I could actually enjoy food without starving myself. Seems I ate more throughout the day, but still managed to lose 20 pounds in two months
I got a real sense that Jason actually cares about my success in weight loss, and physical health over all…Kind of like the trainers you see on the Biggest Loser. He motivated me everyday and kept me focused, even when I began to get off track. The time I spent being instructed by Jason, helped me change my eating habits in general. Jason’s nutrition plan, has carried over to my everyday eating habits. How I look at food, what to eat and what I shouldn’t eat. I have kept some of the discipline which is why I have managed to keep the weight off.
Since begining this plan, my mindset has changed as it relates to food. I don't eat everything that's in front of me or presented to me anymore. I think twice before I take that bite. I do treat myself once in a while to something not so healthy, and I enjoy it because it's no longer in my daily food plan. I no longer feel sluggish in the afternoons. I'm not a very active individual, but I was able to lose 20 pounds of fat in the last 2 months and my confidence and self esteem took a drive upwards. Thank you Jason!!!!"

Brian (Fat Loss, Nutrition Coaching Client, Former Athlete, Cancer Survivor)
"In the summer of 2003 I was diagnosed with a very aggressive Cancer. There was a tumor that was crushing my heart and lungs which caused me to pass out otherwise I probably wouldn't have found it until much later. I spent a total of one year in the hospital for Chemo and another 4 months of radiation treatment. During this time and for two years after I was a heavy dose of steroids to keep my strength up while the drugs ravaged my body. On these steroids I gained 60 pounds in the first month and another 80 pounds over the course of the rest of the treatment. I was an athlete in high school and stayed very fit up until this happened to me. Since being cleared of any traces of the Cancer I started thinking now that this is over I need to get my life back. I would look in the mirror every morning and think this isn't me. I have clothes in my closet that I can't fit into and I can only see a glimmer of who I used to be physically.

I had tried many different programs to jumpstart my metabolism again and get back in shape with little success. When my friend suggested this program to me I thought well why not try it. I was shocked at how well it works. The GTS Nutrition program has set me on the right track. My doctors told me it would be extremely hard for me lose the weight I gained during Chemo treatments because the drugs they put you on alter your body chemistry and metabolism. The GTS Nutrition Program has certainly changed all of that for me. In the first week I lost over ten pounds and I started to feel great. Even though I was eating less I was feeling like I had a lot more energy. The meals were good and I found myself getting full on a lot less food. Thanks to the plans easy to follow meals I was able to make lunches and dinners for the week on Sunday and not have to worry about it during the week, which was extremely important for me since I work 12-14 hours a day. The plan made me want to go harder and the results spoke for themselves. It was great to have someone also constantly checking up on my progress and giving me advice and encouragement. For me this wasn't a four week diet, this was a jumpstart to my fitness goals and life goals. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to change their life for the better or just get an insight on what the proper diet and exercise can truly do for you. I will continue this program until I reach my final goal of getting my life back and being able to look in the mirror and say definitively "yes that is me." This program is truly invaluable." - Brian 2011

Brian took back his life back, Lost 25.1 lbs and 7 inches in waist in 4 weeks! 

Jonathan (Fat Loss, Nutrition Coaching Client, Physical Therapist, Weekend Warrior)
"For years, I had been dabbling and casually trying different "fad" nutritions in an attempt to drop that last, previously-thought permanent, 10 lbs. For awhile I had been suspecting that I was mildly gluten-intolerant and when Jay and I began discussing his program, I decided to go all in.
In 4 weeks, I was down 12lbs, had decreased my caffeine intake by 50%, and had truly never felt better. All while training for a half-marathon in which I shattered my previous fastest time on the program! This has been more than a 4 week challenge, it has been a complete change in the way I view food for life." -Jonathan 2011

Anna (Fat Loss, Yoga Enthusiast, General Fitness)

"Jay's workouts are a phenomenal combination of strength, cardio, laughter and spontaneous dance moves. Not only are his sessions innovative and inspired, but he is extraordinarily knowledgeable regarding nutrition and all encompassing health. I look forward to opportunities to join Jay and crew when I am in town, and am grateful for the long distance support he offers as well - while living in a 3rd world country, without access to a gym, Jay designed awesome equipment-free workouts to keep me in shape. Jay is a gifted motivator, he guides by example - living the lifestyle he promotes - Jay makes working out fun!!" - Anna 2011.

Tarrah (Nutrition Coaching, Active Female)

" I wanted to do this program because I needed something to kick start me back into healthy habits. I originally planned to do this diet for 4 weeks and then be done. At first switching over to "healthy foods" was a bit of a lifestyle change, but on days that I was permitted to eat the "bad foods" I noticed a big difference in how my body felt! I was tired, irritable, etc.
...Another surprising thing was I began to crave healthy foods that I ate consistently when I was on the diet. Overall I was highly impressed with the Nutrition Coaching program. Jason gave me great feedback and answered all my questions thoroughly. Each week I had significant results so to me that is success."

Tarrah lost 2 inches in her waist, 3+ inches in her hips, 4 lbs of body weight, and 2.5 inches in each thigh in 4 weeks!

Donny (Fitness Enthusiast, Athlete, Desk Jockey)

"I used to come home from work, sit on the couch, eat dinner, and watch TV. Needless to say, I was pretty tired everyday at work and never felt fully rested when I woke up. Since I've been working out with Jason I've had an enormous burst of energy and no more post lunch crashes at work. I've learned how to eat properly and I understand what each exercise is doing for me because Jason really puts as much effort into educating me as he does making me push myself to the limits in the gym or on the beach. Being someone that has continued to play organized sports year after year, I have to say I've lost a step since high school and college. This is the first time in 5 years that I've felt I've gained back that competitive edge and I can perform at a higher level with more speed and better reaction times. It only took about 2-3 weeks for me to physically see and feel the results and for my confidence to go through the roof! I couldn't say enough good things about Jason's thoroughness and dedication to getting you to surpass the goals you set."

Matt (blog follower, athlete, former MMA competitor)

"I’ve been training and competing in sports since Weight-Training and Conditioning classes in High-School, 21-years ago; I honestly couldn’t ask for a better fitness trainer! Jay is great at keeping the workouts interesting; he’s always coming into the gym with some new and exciting workout. He always pushes himself to accomplish more, which is extremely inspiring in a training partner and a coach. He’s always challenging you to push yourself, but knows when to stop.
Jay worked with me on my deadlift and coached me thru my first powerlifting competition, in which I placed first in my weight class. Jay seems to be as excited about my accomplishments as his own.We no longer live in the same state, but I follow the blog and consistently add his new workouts to mine."

Stacey - General Fitness, Fat Loss

"Laura and I first met Jason during one of his charity bootcamp classes he had on the beach. I know we were both intimated and just went with the hopes that we would be able to keep up with everyone else. With the great experience we had at the bootcamp and a pretty sore next day later, Laura and I knew that Jason was the one that could get us to our fitness goals. We currently train with him during the weekly bootcamp classes and I enjoy every moment of them. Jason’s bootcamps are a great way to get a good, fun workout and enjoy the weather and outdoors that the beach has to offer. They are very fun and always a great group of people encouraging each other through each workout. Jason has great workout routines that are designed for larger groups of people so we are always continuing to work hard and taking each day to the next level.

I notice a big difference in my strength and sustainability because of these classes. I highly encourage people of all levels to attend one of Jason’s bootcamp classes as they provide a great workout whether you are a fitness fanatic or 'just hoping to keep up.' I train in the gym with my good friend, Laura, and Jason on a weekly basis. His gym training provides a different kind of workout because we are able to use more equipment such as dumbbells, pull up bars, benches, etc. The strength training we do during our gym workouts push me to a level that I would never get to without Jason’s help. Before working with Jason, I had a gym membership and I’ve worked out consistently for the past few years. Training with Jason, I’ve taken myself to a level that I would never do on my own in a gym. We record our workouts each week so that in our future sessions we can go a few sets further and we’re able to see the progression over time on paper. He is very encouraging and motivating and it really helps Laura and I make it that step farther we are trying to reach. He teaches us about nutrition during our gym workouts and is always available when we have questions. Training with a friend is also a great option that Jason encourages. Going through this experience with Laura and learning with her has truly kept me going throughout the process. We are always there to motivate each other and it’s wonderful to have that person you can relate to and go through everything with. We see our improvements together each week and are always helping each other stay on track. Jason’s overall knowledge, encouragement and motivation has brought me to a fitness level that I would not be able to reach on my own. I feel great and thanks to Jason's help I'm continuing on the right track to reach my fitness goals."
Laura - General Fitness, Fat Loss

"In June of 2010, a friend let me know of a beach boot camp for charity held by Game Time Strength. I hadn't worked out in quite some time and wanted to check it out so me and another friend decided to go. We were really impressed by Jay & his team of Game Time Strength trainers & decided to get more information about future training.
I've been training with GTS for over a year now... I train for 2 days a week & I think it's an amazing use of time. This is the longest I've ever kept a workout/healthy eating routine since high school.

GTS doesn't compare! No seriously, I've worked with only one other trainer (a friend back in Boston), but when she was switching gyms & changing up her routine I couldn't keep up. Jay makes sure our goals are met even when his gym or schedule changes.

Recently my company has instated a "work out" break and Jay offered to help by coming up with some exercises and even come to demonstrate! Jay motivates me inside the gym by encouragement during the session, plus motivates me to eat right with his blogs & emails. I am SO strong now! haha! Seriously, I've never felt better. I'm actually excited for this summer on the beach. My clothes don't fit anymore, which is a good thing. And I'm definitely more confident in myself.

Working out is now part of my weekly life on a consistant basis. Before it would be a gamble if I would go to the gym or not, now its not a question & I like that. My favorite part about training with GTS is being skinny, getting strong & know when I'm working out its with friends who encourage and not judgers. No one likes a judger.

I definitely recommend Game Time Strength to anyone who wants a fun, challenging, work out! Pre-training, I honestly did not do much exercising besides the occasional run on the beach and even though my clothes still fit, I wanted to get in better shape. The gym is a daunting experience for me and I knew it was not the answer. I was really excited to begin personal training with Jay and have Stacey as my partner-in-crime to work out with.  Plus Jay's personal training doesn't end in the gym. He has taught us nutritionally what will work for us & helps us stick to our nutrition goals throughout the entire week, not just the one day we spend with him training. I feel stronger, more fit, and happier in general through training with Jay. Overall, Jay offers a unique combination of motivation and intelligence to his personal training - anyone who needs that extra push to reach his or her fitness goals should train with Jay!"

Robert - Strength, Hypertrophy, General Fitness
After only 8 weeks of training with GTS, Robert has gained 9.5lbs of bodyweight with minimal body fat increase, added 50+lbs to his bench press, increased his deadlift by 130lbs, and dramatically increased his overall strength and conditioning.

Mary - Fat Loss, General Fitness
"I started working with Jason five weeks ago after having worked with another trainer for the past 3 months. I saw few results with her, never broke a sweat and mostly we just worked on machines that I could have done on my own at the gym. Now I see that she was basically a 'rep counter' . Jay taught me a new way of working out with free weights, bands, balls, TRX, Ropes and an old-fashioned jump rope -- which I haven't done since the 4th grade. I've lost body fat, gained shape in my body and can actually see a small bulge in my arm! No machines, treadmills, ellipticles, bikes or pink Barbie weights. I can see shape in my waist and don't have anymore lower back pain. My arthritis in my hands has also dissipated and I have more energy than ever. I actually look forward to my sessions and am excited to see and track the progress I've made. I know there is an inner athelete waiting to emerge."

Mary with her training partner Janice. Mary has lost over 50 lbs in the last year and has gained the nutritional knowledge to keep her body burning fat even when she's not working out.
Janice lost 10 lbs in the first 5 weeks, dropped 1 full dress size, has dramatically reduced her risk of Type 2 Diabetes and is actively working toward her next 10lb drop!

Nancy - Strength, General Fitness, Conditioning
"Jason is extremely knowledgeable, kind, enthusiastic, and perceptive. He very patiently listened to my concerns and desires (and listened, and listened) and developed a program specific to MY needs, drawing upon a large repertoire of exercises utilizing a dazzling array of 'toys'. I love that I get to use weights, bands, kettlebells, TRX and ropes all within one session! I can count on Jason to be fully engaged every time we meet. He completely focuses on getting me to push myself, safely, towards my goals. He's the best!. "
Nancy first came to GTS in search of relief from her constant lower back pain. Since we've strengthened her entire core, improved her conditioning and overall strength while virtually eliminating her pre-existing pain. More recently she's competed in her first Deadlifting Competition, setting both a State and American Record for her age and weight category!

Brian - Powerlifting, Strength
"Jason's workouts are truly awesome! The drills and exercises are amazing and the fact that nearly all of them require full body power/strength and cardiovascular endurance to complete is fantastic. Clients are seeing increases in muscle tone and size and are losing unwanted inches and body fat, while at the same time they are increasing their cardiovascular endurance. Furthermore, Jason's knowledge is not limited to the fast paced, high energy workouts. He also can help you gain strength with his knowledge of powerlifting style training methods. And rest assured he is no armchair training scholar, because he practices what he preaches and he even holds a World Record in the sport of powerlifting. I strongly recommend Jason's program for anyone looking to tone up, lean down, or even compete in heavy athletics. "

Andrew - MMA, Muay Thai
"Mixed Martial Arts has always been a passion of mine. I take my training seriously and expect the same from my Strength Coach. I’ve managed to stay in great shape by fighting six days a week, but I knew there was room for improvement. Once I began training with Game Time Strength I quickly began to see strength, power and speed improvements that elevated my fighting to a level I had never experienced before. Jason designed a program that was very specific for my sport & fighting style with emphasis on increased speed, striking power and conditioning to prevent gassing during a fight.
The workouts and exercises we use are innovative, challenging and have continued to propel me to that next level I have been striving for. Jason takes the time to explain the program, the exercises, and how each will translate to improved performance in the ring. It’s amazing to look back each week and see my numbers continue to improve. Just last week I was invited to workout with a class of Professional MMA fighters. I was amazed at my strength, stamina, and overall performance. Everything I had done at Game Time Strength had transferred directly into that workout and I found myself keeping up with professional level fighters!
I would absolutely recommend GAME TIME STRENGTH to anybody who is serious about dominating an athletic arena or just taking his or her workouts to the next level. Jason sets the standard of what a Strength Coach should be. He makes it his personal mission to give you the best experience possible, and motivates you to perform at a level you didn’t even realize you were capable of. Game Time Strength training is not just a workout - it’s an investment. "

Andrew has dropped over 20lbs while increasing his strength, power and conditioning in the ring.

Janelle - General Fitness
"I started training with Jay simply to get in better shape. After just the first two weeks I could feel the difference. My muscles were feeling tighter and I even felt an increase in my performance during my regular spin class. It was amazing to see the increase in weight and repetitions I was able to do, almost doubling in the first 4 week program. Not only am I seeing results, but I am having such a great time doing it. My husband and I have been training together and the unique exercises that Jay comes up with make all the difference. The time goes by so fast, we have so much fun, and get an intense workout. What more can you ask for?"
Justin - General Fitness
"I live a very demanding, active lifestyle and Game Time Strength and Performance Training fits perfectly into my schedule and is giving me better results than I could have ever imagined. For the past several years, I have been trying to put in 3 days of weight training a week and maybe a short cardio session if I had the time. I was never looking to be a big guy, I just wanted to have excellent stamina, some lean muscle mass, and look good on the beach. With this in mind, GTS developed a program for me that surpassed my 3 days of weight training by miles and incorporates a high intensity, fast paced workout. Every workout, Jay pushes me to my limits and I am lifting considerably more than I ever thought I could. In addition, Jay keeps the workouts fresh and demanding by throwing in a variety of unique and challenging exercises that are usually harder than your standard weighted exercises because they incorporate more muscles. Every 4 weeks Jay does a personal progress assessment with you and develops a completely new program. GTS is perfect for anyone who is committed to personal fitness, but low on time."

After 16 weeks of training in a group setting, Justin and Janelle have dramatically increased their strength, power, speed, and conditioning. Both of their bodies have taken a stronger and much leaner shape.

Whitney - General Fitness, Training for a Half Marathon
"Exercise is a big part of my life. While I consider myself to be in good shape it was not until I started training with Jay that I realized how much more I could get out of my workouts. Every time I workout with Jay I find myself having fun more than anything else. He will customize a workout to help you reach your particular goal, whatever it may be (i.e. training for a marathon, toning up, weight-loss, etc.). The workouts are unlike anything you have ever done before! Jay's knowledge of strength training, conditioning, nutrition, etc. far exceeds any personal trainer that I have encountered. He takes his job extremely seriously and wants nothing more than for his clients to reach their goals and see results! Jay really takes the time and effort with each client - he makes you feel like you are his only priority. No matter what your fitness goals may be, Jay can definitely help you get there."

Carl - Actor preparing for a film
"Looking back on working out with Jason, I can say that no two days have been alike. This is due to Jason’s incredible repertoire of exercises. It’s also due to his attention to detail while ensuring the weight levels are being increased, rest periods shortened, etc. Every workout he takes time to not only cater to your personal long-term goals, but to assess and explain the process. Being trained by Jason is both challenging and fun, painful and exhilarating. His approach is that of a teacher/ personal development coach, whose most powerful tool is the not the body, but rather the mind. Jason comes as a highly recommended professional trainer."

In 16 weeks, Carl gained 8lbs of lean muscle, lost 5% body fat, added over 100lbs on his bench press, and dramatically increased his overall strength and conditioning in every aspect of his performance.

Spencer - Powerlifting, Hypertrophy
"Whether it be for strength training, cross-fit, or if one just intends to get into better shape, Jason has the knowledge to guide you to that desired goal. I really appreciate the fact that he truly individualizes the workout for each one of his clients with the intent to target weaknesses and attack them until they become strengths. With an aggressive attack on cardiovascular health, it is undeniable one will see results. He has immense knowledge in powerlifting and has a World Record to show forth. It's beautiful to see the combination of strength, speed, coordination, and endurance all incorporated into his workouts. Jason is truly a dedicated trainer with the sole purpose of improving each and every one of his clients."

Spencer's deadlift has increased from a strong 650 lbs to a phenomenal 705 lbs and growing.

Sam - General Fitness, Surfer
"I've been a yo-yo exerciser my whole life. I always thought I was "in shape"; lifting weights and doing some cardio. One session with Jay proved how the exercises I was doing really only worked specific muscles and the rest of my body was pretty much sedentary. All the muscle groups I use in my daily life were getting no exercise. Jay tailors his workouts to the specific areas in your life or sport that need attention. My 9-5 involves sitting behind a computer all day so posture is always on my mind. After a few sessions, with exercises focusing on back strength, I can already feel my posture improving. I've been trying to work up my paddle strength for surfing so Jay has worked in specific exercises to focus directly on those muscles I use. In addition to the workouts Jay has provided great knowledge into nutrition and supplements for overall health and muscle recovery. Jay also introduced new mobility techniques which have helped my overall flexibility and tension release."

Dave - General Fitness, Motocross
"You will soon hate the thought of a medicine ball. Jay's (GTS) Interval/TRX workouts are intense. He will push you to the limit and then elevate you to another level you didn't even know you had in you. You'll sweat, you'll burn, but it's a blast. Bottom line is you'll feel and see results!"

Edward - General Fitness, Fat Loss, Strength
"I had an opportunity to train with Jason for approximately six months, between June and December of 2008. I was engaged at the time, and with my wedding date fast approaching, I reached out to Jason with the goal of losing a few pounds while hopefully improving my physique. I knew my fiance would look beautiful walking down the aisle, so I wanted to do my part as well to look respectable in my tuxedo. Until I met Jason, my idea of fitness was limited to high school team sports and the military. Once I graduated college (and completed my military service), I didn't have a reason to stay in shape, and as a result, I got 'fat and happy.' I never had the self-motivation or baseline knowledge to work out for the sake of being healthy or in shape. This is where Jason helped me tremendously. When I started training, I assumed Jason would prescribe some heavy cardio and a good diet. On the contrary, with a quick assessment he recognized that I first needed to increase my raw strength. We hit the weights pretty hard, focusing on compound movements and carefully adjusting the weight to repetition ratio, mixing in cardio as we progressed to fit my personal goals. Within just a few months, I increased my squat and deadlift max each by around 200 pounds. With Jason's help, not only did I lose 20 pounds and change my body shape, I did it while drastically increasing my overall strength and stamina. While fitness goals will certainly vary by the individual, I think everyone will tend to agree - exercising should be fun. Workouts can get monotonous, but that's definitely not the case with Jason. He incorporates unique tools such as resistance bands and foam grips to keep you on your toes, and throws in the occasional "max rep" exercises at the end of a workout which, while grueling, will always put a smile on your face when you dig down and get that last one you never thought you could."

In 6 months, Edward increased strength in his core lifts by over 450lbs (increased 200lbs in squat, 200lbs in deadlift, 50lbs in bench) while losing over 20lbs of body weight! As an added bonus, his new found strength gave him the confidence to compete in his first ever powerlifting competition where he took 1st place in his weight class.

Anonymous Female - General Fitness, Fat Loss, Nutrition
"How much do you weigh? That question always has haunted me. Between the  pressures of society and having a family member who struggled with an eating disorder, I quickly jumped on the band wagon of “needing to be skinny.” It started with eating only low-fat foods. Then the calorie counting – ie. a piece of gum has up to 20 calories. Then trying to avoid food at all costs. I became totally obsessed with the number on the scale. The control of my food plummeted to where I desired to throw-up anytime I ate for fear that I would become fat. I would eat everything I had  just to throw it up. Some days I would weigh myself up to 5 times to see if I had lost weight. I know crazy right!!!! Needless to say it got out of control. When I met Jay from (GTS) I realized I had a lot to learn about how my body operated. My morning routine of a coffee, (maybe a little chocolate) and skipping any real lunch was only adding to a slower metabolism. I quickly found out that eating smaller meals, but throughout the day (ie. breakfast, snack, lunch, protein shake after workout, and dinner) made sense. I was increasing my metabolism and eating more. At first, it was a little scary, but I trusted Jay. We got in the gym and started lifting weights opposed to my usual long- steady state cardio. I would beg “But I really want my hour of the elliptical?” Jay’s response would be “Let's try something new and mix in some weights.” At first, the response was tough to swallow not to mention the idea of lifting weights means your going to look like a bulky man right???? However, quickly I learned that I needed to gain more muscle to burn more calories. Building lean muscle mass only helped my metabolism so I was burning more calories throughout the day. Prior to working with Jay, I was the girl on the elliptical for almost 2 hours watching the calorie counter. After working with Jay, I was in the gym for an hour tops working my butt off lifting weights, doing squats, and other high intensity performance training. I thought that I would never get in shape by spending an hour at the gym. Now, after an hour I am ready to go home and eat my lean protein. By working with GTS, I have not only increased my metabolism, gained lean muscle mass, but been able to overcome an eating disorder and gain a new outlook on how the body really performs. If you can relate to this story, I encourage you to reach out to Jason at GTS."