About GTS

Game Time Strength (GTS) and Conditioning is an El Segundo (Los Angeles) based strength gym and coaching center providing a comprehensive training & nutrition system for those who want to move well, live lean and get strong.

Beginner Fitness & Weight Management Programs
  • General Fitness and Fat Loss
  • Personal Training
  • Introduction to Barbell Training
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Body Transformation
Intermediate & Advanced Level Strength and Power Programs
  • Strength Coaching (Group Training) - Open Gym
  • Athlete Strength & Conditioning
  • Intermediate and Advanced Powerlifting 
  • Powerlifting Form and Technique Checks
  • Powerlifting for Crossfit
  • Strength and Powerlifting Club
  • Power Building (Powerlifting and Body Building)
  • Program Design and Consulting
  • Online Program Design
Our mission is to educate, empower and provide a system of accountability and structure for those looking to improve their movement, health, fitness, strength and body composition.

Who are you?
Our system is designed for those of you surviving in the trenches of modern day society, limited in time, locked in a chair, bogged down by a growing list of responsibilities and looking for a mechanism to get strong and make healthy changes to improve the quality of their life.

Our Approach
We focus on reclaiming OPTIMAL movement patterns first, then safely strengthening those movement patterns through big compound lifts (such as the squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press, etc).

At GTS you will…
  • Optimize fundamental movement patterns lost over the years due to sitting, poor mechanics, shoes, and dysfunctional repetitive motion. 
  • Train your body to engage in an activity/task as a unit, instead of a series of individual body parts.  
  • Train for a specific goal over time, instead of arbitrarily working out.  Your goals will evolve and change over time.
  • Gain an understanding of your bio-mechanical  weaknesses and eventually turn them into strengths. 
  • Re-learn and implement nutritional protocols designed to maintain a strong, lean, healthy body and mind.  
  • Become part of a team and surround yourself with a group of like-minded individuals all trying to improve themselves both mentally and physically. 
  • Be selected to showcase your newly acquired strength in local, national or world competitions.  
  • Have full access to coaches that live and breathe their work, constantly studying and collaborating with some of the brightest minds in the industry.
At GTS our techniques and protocols continue to evolve over time and are influenced by some of the following individuals…
  • Movement/Injury Prevention: Gray Cook, Kelly Starrett, Dr. Janet Travel, Dr. Stuart McGill
  • Strength: Mark Rippetoe, Pavel, Dan John, Jim Wendler, Dave Tate, Louie Simmons, Dr. Mel Siff, Jesse Burdick, Mark Bell, Mike Burgener, Martin Rooney
  • Nutrition: Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, John Berardi, Martin Berkhan, John Kiefer, Alan Aragon, Dave Asprey


Q: What is a GTS Athlete?
Regardless of age or background, we consider all of our clients athletes or students of human movement, strength and optimal health.  A GTS Athlete is part of a team striving to improve themselves.  Like any athlete, you are expected to listen, learn, practice, and trust your coach, as well as share your knowledge and encourage the rest of your teammates.

Q: What is a GTS Strength Coach?
GTS Strength Coaches manage your program, progressions, ensure all Athletes are performing exercises and movements safely, and make customizations to your program based on your goals, limitations and time constraints.

A GTS Coach would never put their Athletes through something they haven’t done themselves first.

Q: What is a movement pattern?

We are all born with the ability to squat, walk, lunge, run, jump, press, pull, and carry.  Feeling constant pain in your knees, lower back, shoulders, elbows is not normal and can be corrected in most situations.  You should be able to perform all movement patterns without pain.

While many think of training in terms of a specific muscle (e.g. biceps, legs, chest, etc), at GTS we train the primary movement patterns listed above, teaching efficiency and strengthening the body as a unit first, and isolated muscles second.

Q: Is GTS group training or personal training?
It’s actually a bit of both. We provide personal training as well as our signature Monthly Strength Coaching Option in which we have open hours where coaches are on staff, designing programs, spotting, checking form and technique.   No class times or scheduling restrictions.

Those new to training are slowly progressed over time from basic to more complicated movement patterns and loading principles.  We encourage our new trainees to come in during lower load times or schedule personal training first to ensure they have the attention they need as they learn new skills.

Intermediate and Advanced level GTS Athletes must get cleared in certain movement patterns first before progressing to more complicated ones.  They are generally training with a larger team of athletes all working on more advanced strength and movement progressions.

Q: Do you do Crossfit? Or Metabolic Conditioning (Met-Con)?

While we incorporate strength, movement and conditioning based training seen in Crossfit training/events, at GTS we focus more on progression and mastery of the fundamental movement patterns and strength first vs. exposure to a large variety of randomized movement patterns.  

Conditioning is an important element of our program, but we ensure a sound base in human movement and strength first as the volume and cardiovascular demands of a conditioning program can significantly increase the risk of injury if a dysfunctional movement pattern is left untreated.