Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Intro to barbell training - Los Angeles

GTS Introduction to Barbell and Strength Training
GTS Introduction to Barbell and Strength Training

This program is ideal for someone...

  • new to weight/barbell training
  • looking to get out of knee, low back, and shoulder pain caused by excessive sitting
  • who used to lift or play sports that has taken an extended period of time off
  • who has been lifting for a while and wants to clean up their form and technique
This program is designed to...
  • ease you back into lifting
  • clean up poor movement patterns caused by excessive sitting
  • familiarize yourself with compound movement patterns such as the squat, press, deadlift
  • take the load off of overworked muscles, and re-distribute the load across the body
  • reduce aches, pains and injuries
  • begin building strength in core movement patterns
  • integrate your "core", and get your body functioning as a unit 
  • begin building lean muscle tissue
  • prime your body for more advanced exercises and programming 
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