Monday, December 10, 2012

[GTS Mindset] Strength is a skill.

At GTS we treat strength training as a skill.

Understand the difference between hypertrophy and strength training.

Hypertrophy = Muscle Growth. Size. Think body builder inspired training.

Strength = the body's ability to create tension to move a heavy weight.  This is Neuro-Muscular... not just muscular. You need to teach your body to contract as a unit to accomplish a task.

Most equate strength with hypertrophy, but while increasing your muscle size can increase strength, you can still increase strength without adding size!

Because of this, we view strength training as a skill

It's technique based and therefor requires practice... not just a workout.

Quote Via Pavel and Dan John's Easy Strength
"There are two ways of getting stronger: 
  • by making your muscles bigger
  • and by teaching them to contract harder.
Some athletes can afford the former; some cannot.  Regardless, both need the latter.
Learning to contract the muscles harder implies that strength training is a skill. A strength training session then must be viewed as a 'practice', not a 'smoker'." 

Also worth re-reading:

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