Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[GTS Q&A] sport stamina and endurance.

Will you be safe when they attack?

Every time I hear the word "stamina" or "endurance" I think of one of our triathlon athletes reminding us that when the zombie apocalypse hits, he'll be safe, while the rest of us strength guys will be attempting to one rep max a zombie or two before getting eaten alive.

Valid point... Especially when I glanced through the Strength vs Endurance post on the Zombie Survival Wiki.

Here's a fun, creative way to vary your "off day" endurance or stamina based training, make it cross over to your sport, and who knows, might even save your life some day in the apocalyptic future.


Dear GTS,

I've been playing hockey more, my legs have been getting bigger (more so than lifting it seems), but they still get gassed by the third period. I was thinking about incorporating the “tempo” squats into my workouts, to try and starve them of oxygen and see if that helps. Of course, without proper control, it will be difficult to tell if it’s not just hockey itself that improves my leg endurance, or the tempo squats…unless I notice a big jump right away...


Hockey Butt


Hello Hockey Butt,

I didn't realize your moniker was a commonly used term until I read the description on this pair of lululemon shorts...

"these shorts are cut generously in the leg and in the rear (hello, hockey butt)"
I miss hockey so much, i wish i had more time to play.

Anyway, the tempo squats (slow tempo squatting with holds at various positions, keeping tension throughout) might be a good thing to experiment with in your training.

In addition, I used to incorporate some light "yogging" on my off rink days to help with my hockey stamina. The only difference is I would do a lot of change of direction type stuff.

For instance, every telephone pole, I'd randomly alternate between any or a combination of the following...
  • Vary the pace and tempo, just like sport (sometimes faster, sometimes slower)
  • A walk
  • A jog 
  • A lateral shuffle (side to side)
  • A Butt Kick jog
  • A High Knee or high step jog
  • A back pedal
  • A drop step
  • A sprint
  • A single or double leg bound (jump)
  • A Carioca step
  • A random zig zag like studder-step pattern
  • A spin move
  • Skipping
  • Lunging
  • Lateral Lunges
  • A Squat and 180 rotation into another squat
  • And other creative ways to break up the mundane run.
Made it kinda fun and not as boring since every 15-20 yards the pattern would change.  Remember this is an off day so keep the training light and 15-30 min in length.

Might be something to experiment with.  Have fun!

Heidi, celebrating a Zombie Free Life!

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