Monday, October 15, 2012

[GTS Mindset] You never know who's watching

I'm not a parent yet, but I can definitely say that whether you intend to or not, every action you make as a parent is internalized by your child. 

You are establishing what is "normal" from eating, sleeping, activity, work/life balance, anxiety, etc. 

I didn't realize until the last couple of years that many of the actions and decisions I make right now wasn't from being taught or told.  It was from years of seeing my parents "do the right thing", keeping their family first, picking up trash off the street, paying things forward, keeping life in balance, daily activity, etc. 

My parents established what "normal" is for me, and I took it from there. 

Parent or not... 

  • Lead by example. 
  • Spend time developing yourself.
  • Spend time developing others.
  • Have patience.
  • Inspire others to do good, by doing good yourself. 

You never know who is watching... hopefully your actions rub off on others down the road. 

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