Monday, October 1, 2012

Do your part... It's Contagious

Your mood is contagious.

When someone walks into the room all Grumplstiltskin-like, people take notice, and it impacts the energy/mood of everyone in that room.

When someone walks into a room and has a smile on their face and a skip to their step it elevates the energy/mood in that room.

Regardless of if you want it to or not, your mood impacts everyone around you... your training partners, kids, co-workers, spouse, even people you don't know.

"Obviously, a good experience might make us smile, but less obviously, the physical act of smiling can change our biochemistry and hence our mood." - Via The Chair 

Do your part... 
  • Be responsible for the energy you bring into a room (gym, home, office).
  • Don't be Negatron. Leave your negative energy outside. 
  • Bring a smile and a positive energy with you.
  • Until it becomes a habit, fake it until you make it

The End. Go back to pursuing excellence. 

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