Monday, September 10, 2012

every day

Here's an important reminder... "If it's important, do it every day..."

It's a quote I've stolen from Dan John and he's stolen from Dan Gable.

The GTS Team is heading into their de-load week after yet another long, tough training cycle.  We're going to see some amazing results in our competition this coming weekend. We'll have 20 GTS Strength Athletes competing, a new Personal Record for us!

One of the biggest contributing factors to the results we'll see this weekend is that each and every day we stepped into the gym, we practiced what was important... not once a week... every training day.

Each and every day we...
  • Made subtle improvements to each of our primary movement patterns via a combination of mobility, flexibility and pattern repetition (practice).
  • Incrementally incorporated a new stress or stimulus to one or more of those movement patterns via a mixture of load, volume, rest period modification, etc. 
  • Had some fun

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