Wednesday, September 5, 2012

are you "there" yet? move something and how diets work

Back again from Maui, outside on the patio enjoying the weather, view, life and catching up on some long anticipated reading, videos and brainstorming.  It's amazing how much better your brain functions when it's free and clear of stress and sleep deprivation!

Anyway, I wanted to share an inspirational picture (above) & post from Coach Joe on embracing the journey of life instead of the destination.

See You'll Never Be "There" via Joe Buys & Dream Impossible

Our future is a collection of EVERY present moment we've had to this point. It's not always the easiest to start and trust the small changes in our life, but it's necessary if we feel we aren't where we need to be. Awareness we are unhappy is the first step, then comes the action.

We'll never be THERE, we're always HERE. And you're already EXACTLY where you need to be. You just might not know it yet. 

Here's a video I thought was hysterical on How Diets Work (via Jenna Marbles).

And last but not least, here's a pic of Anna and I on our Volcano Bike Ride down Haleakala Crater in Maui.  Shout out to Cruiser Phil's Volcano Rider team!  Highly entertaining crew and gave a great tour of the area!


Really excited about our upcoming USPA Deadlift Competition in Long Beach. We'll have about 20 people representing GTS and a handful more representing Four Star Gym!  We are using this meet as a primer for IPL Worlds in November.

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