Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Weight Loss Mindset and Swimming upstream

Here are two interesting weight loss articles I came across in the last two days, and a few of my thoughts.

1. Why You Really Get Fat (Via Mark Young)

  • Interesting Points:
    • He compares the process of weight loss to swimming up a raging river.  
    • "The current is driving us towards fat gain, disease, and inactivity and when we become motivated to lose weight we must choose to swim against the violent current…forever.  As soon as our motivation wanes and simply “stop swimming” for a short period of time we are swept back up by the river only to lose the forward progress we have made."
    • Most of us want to put in the effort, and attempt the long journey upstream but get tired of "swimming". 
    • He proposes we stop the current.  While I agree 100% with his thoughts, I wouldn't hold my breath for that current to stop anytime soon.  Lifestyle is a choice, and a commitment.  You can choose to be the victim of your environment, or you can choose to do something about it.  You just need to decide what's more important to you.  I try not to judge anyone who consciously chooses a certain lifestyle, but most of us don't choose... it's just easier to follow what everyone else is doing (the current)... whether it be family, friends or coworkers.   It's a difficult decision to make and people or things may be left behind because of it, but ultimately you are in control of your lifestyle.   

2. The Weight Loss Mindset (via written by John Romaniello)

  • Interesting Points: 
    • The Monday Mindset limits results since "you can always start over on Monday." Monday is always the fresh start day for everyone, pick a new day during the week to start over... John suggests a Thursday as most of our mistakes happen over the weekend.   
    • Learning to Fail Small.  When we blow it, we usually blow it big. Plan to fail, just do it in smaller increments and get back on track immediately.