Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sailing with his new body

Always like to share cool stories like this.  GTS Athlete, Dennis, is a sailing enthusiast who goes on these 3 week to month long trips with a crew on the east coast. Two times per year they take this sail boat from Martha's Vinyard down to St. Thomas or vice versa.

This time he's out there brining the boat back up north for the summer.

If you're interested in following him on his journey there is a GPS tracker in the first link that shows and updated location every 10 minutes, if you zoom out you can see where they are relative to the US.

View GPS Location of Sea Witch

This link takes you to a blog where he's posting some pictures of his trip. 

Side Note: Dennis has also dropped about 80+ lbs in the last year. He has gone from 288 lbs down to about 206.  His new body weight and strength has made his job a bit easier...

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