Friday, May 25, 2012

More Accessory from May

Jason performing 20 Rep Heavy Rows

Hunter performing DB Chicken Wing Presses
Note: sorry for the background expletive...

Ryan performing a COD or "Complex of Death".
We make it sound far more intimidating than it actually is...
Single DB Clean, Squat, Press and Reverse Lunge Complex.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Limited Environment, Limited Success (T-Nation)

Another great article on T-Nation...

Read Limited Environment, Limited Success via T-Nation... added a few highlights below...

I love this article because it's something I have to constantly remind myself at all times. Not just in regards to strength, but in business, intellect, etc.  I'm a creature of habit and I have to constantly remind myself to push the boundaries of my comfort zone to continue to grow.

"A limited environment can often limit your goals and expectations. Lifting the heaviest dumbbells in your gym feels good, but if the heaviest dumbbells in your gym are 50s then that achievement isn't too impressive...
We all need pushed a little more. We need to see those 150 pound dumbbells and know that another level exists. We need to see a 60-year old guy run an 18-minute 5K before we get too smug about our 22-minute record...
I think people are capable of achieving great things, more than they'll ever realize. Surround yourself with the wrong people and they'll limit you without even trying.
Don't settle for being the strongest person in a roomful of weaklings. Don't settle for being the smartest person in a roomful of idiots, or the most successful person in a roomful of failures.
Better to surround yourself with people a little stronger and a little smarter, people a little ahead of you in the game. Those invisible limitations will immediately fall. You'll get challenged to be your best.
And suddenly you'll see those 50s for what they really are: mediocre. And you'll have none of that." -- Chris Shugart

All about Coffee (Precision Nutrition)

Good article from Precision Nutrition... All about coffee.

Rope Conditioning

A few of the guys squeezing in some rope conditioning work and some shuttle runs at the end of their training.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Game Time Strength. This is a cheerocracy..

Not really, I am the Cheer-tator.

Had a lot of fun this past weekend running the warm up for the El Segundo Youth Cheer Clinic!

Big thanks to...

  • Cyndi Tomlinson for hosting a great event.
  • The excellent team of coaches for helping me run everyone through the exercises.
  • The talented Mr. Joe Buys for taking video and creating this master piece. 
  • And of course all the rockstar cheerleaders that came out to the event! 
Check out some video of the event!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Mathematical Challenge to Obesity

Very interesting NY Times Article: A Mathematical Challenge to Obesity

"Q: Any practical advice from your number crunching?

A: One of the things the numbers have shown us is that weight change, up or down, takes a very, very long time. All diets work. But the reaction time is really slow: on the order of a year. People don't wait long enough to see what they are going to stabilize at. So if you drop weight and return to your old eating habits, the time it takes to crawl back to your old weight is something like three years..."

Thanks for sending over Mark!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

There is a reason there is a box - Mike Boyle

Here is a thought provoking email I received from Mike Boyle regarding simplicity of training... do what's best, not what's trendy.

"How often have you heard someone described as an “out of the box thinker” or heard someone praised for “thinking outside the box”. This is usually considered a compliment. However in a recent conversation with one of my clients (who happens to be a world renowned plastic surgeon) I made the statement that forms the title for this article.
I went on to say that I thought most people would do well to really familiarize themselves with the inside of the box. I like to think that the coaches I admire could be described as someone who knows the subject matter “inside and out” vs someone who thinks outside the box.
Coach John Wooden has a great quote :
“if you spend too much time learning the tricks of the trade you may not learn the trade”.
Coach Wooden was a brilliant man and the way he coached basketball was amazingly simple. In fact, he began every year with a detailed explanation of how to put on your socks to avoid blisters. This could be described as very “inside the box” thinking . In fact, some coaches might view something as mundane as this as a waste of time. Wooden viewed players missing practice from blisters caused by not putting socks on correctly (no wrinkles inside the shoes) as the real waste of time and he was correct.
Wooden drilled fundamentals. Very inside the box. To be honest, most of the best coaches I know talk about simplicity more than complexity. Athletes Performance founder Mark Verstegen often uses the phrase “simple things done savagely well” in his talks while Dewey Neilsen of Impact Sports Performance implores us to be Brilliant at the Basics.
There is a Buddhist quote that says “in the beginners mind there are many choices, in the experts mind there are few”. I think there is a reason why I so often agree with so many of the people I consider to be good coaches. Those who have attained the expert level seem to think very much alike and react in very similar ways to new information.
The experts are open to change and have great mental filters. As a result the best coaches seem to end up at the same places even when coming from different paths. People might view me as an “out of the box thinker” but that may be based on thirty years in the box.
The truth is I can’t tell you how often I give the same answer to a different question. People ask questions. I tell them to KISS it (and I don’t mean my rear end). I tell them Keep It Simple Stupid. Stay in the box.
Out of the box thinking should be reserved for those who know the inside of the box like the literal back of their hand. Next time you hear someone described as an “out of the box thinker” ask yourself if the person being referred to is also the “master of the box”. The key for us as coaches is to become “masters of the box” well before we become “out of the box thinkers”. 
- Mike Boyle

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A few pics from Rob's Photo shoot

For those interested, here are a few shots from Rob's recent photo shoot.  This is a culmination of 16 weeks of intense training and dieting!

Great job Rob!

Sailing with his new body

Always like to share cool stories like this.  GTS Athlete, Dennis, is a sailing enthusiast who goes on these 3 week to month long trips with a crew on the east coast. Two times per year they take this sail boat from Martha's Vinyard down to St. Thomas or vice versa.

This time he's out there brining the boat back up north for the summer.

If you're interested in following him on his journey there is a GPS tracker in the first link that shows and updated location every 10 minutes, if you zoom out you can see where they are relative to the US.

View GPS Location of Sea Witch

This link takes you to a blog where he's posting some pictures of his trip. 

Side Note: Dennis has also dropped about 80+ lbs in the last year. He has gone from 288 lbs down to about 206.  His new body weight and strength has made his job a bit easier...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

El Segundo Youth Cheer Clinic

Game Time Strength will be assisting with the warm ups for the clinic!

Please reach out to Cindy Tomlinson (contact info in flyer) for more details on the event.

Nancy teaching Andrew Bird Paradise

Having a little fun after training.  Nancy teaching Andrew the Bird Paradise pose?  Flawless Execution...

Monday, May 7, 2012

80 lb Turkish Get Up

Jason performing an 80 lb DB Turkish Get Up (TGU).  Not flawless to all of the purists out there, but a decent challenge.

Congrats to GTS Athletes...

 Stefi and Rob.

Stefi won 1st place in the season finals of her 400m dash.

Rob posing the day before his photo shoot.  16 weeks of meticulous dieting and training!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Michol Dalcourt on Barefoot Running

Fantastic video explanation from Michol Dalcourt on importance of progressing Barefoot Running.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Need something to work towards?

USPA Nationals is coming up soon... 9 Weeks to be exact. Contact us soon if you're interested in training or competing.  We should have roughly 15-20 people this time around.

Don't feel like you're ready to compete? 

Who cares? You don't run a marathon or a 5k to win do you? You run it to improve on your previous time.  For 6 out of the 10 people pictured above, it was either their first or second competition.  Everyone had a blast, set personal records, and way exceeded even their own expectations of what their bodies were capable of.  Plus the camaraderie of the sport is like nothing I've experienced before, everyone is rooting for you to succeed!

We train to have something to work towards.  To keep us accountable, and progressing toward something instead of just "going through the motions" as many of us tend to do at the gym and with our diets.