Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Growing Bolder - Gordon Santee Radio Interview

Inspiring radio interview from good friend, former training partner, and mentor Gordon Santee (65 years old). 

Radio Interview and Intro Via Growing Bolder

He's the holder of multiple world records (79 and counting!) and has the body of a man 20 years his junior. But 65-year-old Gordon Santee says that he isn't a natural athlete -- and he, like many of us, needed a spark of inspiration to commit to a healthy lifestyle. 
When he was just a child, Santee's father passed away, and he was left to find his own way in life. So he learned to set goals, reach milestones and push himself to be as healthy as possible. It wasn't always easy, and Santee battled many obstacles including a diagnosis of cancer, but he never quit. 
At 50 years old, in the best shape of his life, Santee even volunteered himself for a drug test so that his incredible feats wouldn't be questioned. Today, those feats continue, as he competes in powerlifting events like squat, bench press and dead lift. 
He spends his days working in retail, and trains at night. So what's his secret, and what does he want Growing Bolder listeners to know about how me makes it all work? Find out, as Santee shares his routines and motivation for staying fit for life.

Listen to Radio Interview Below

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