Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Fat Loss Mindset - Nia Shanks

Absolutely loved Letting of of the Fat Loss Mindset blog post from Nia Shanks.

Via Letting of of the Fat Loss Mindset
"Before I explain what I mean by “letting go of the fat loss mindset”, you should answer a few questions: 
  • Is fat loss the main goal of your strength training, cardio, and nutrition efforts? Let me rephrase that – have you been training and eating with the goal of fat loss for an extended period of time, as in several months, or perhaps even years? 
  • Are your workouts fueled by the “I want to lose fat and look better” mindset? 
  • Are your daily food choices driven by thoughts like “I shouldn’t eat that” or “that will just make me fat”? 
  • Are you constantly concerned about being in a caloric deficit each day by restricting even healthy foods and getting in “extra” workouts? 
  • Do you weigh yourself on a daily basis, or several times per week, in hopes of seeing a smaller number? 
If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, allow me to propose you to why you can benefit from changing the fat loss mindset." Read more here

Although this blog post probably resonates more with women then men, I think its an important read for either sex.  Many of us place entirely too much focus on the aesthetic benefits of training.

At Game Time Strength we strongly encourage our clients and athletes to focus their efforts on improving their strength and overall wellness through balanced nutrition, stress reduction and adequate sleep.  If those things improve, over time the aesthetic benefits will follow!

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