Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Consistency, heavy lifting, Running 101 and Standing at Work

Good articles I've stumbled across the last few days...

Consistency and Longevity - Probably the most influential Strength Coach for GTS and my personal programming has been Dan John.  He's constantly re-thinking fitness "norms" and simplifying everything.  Like him, I've found that consistency and varied intensity/volume over time has led to much greater gains (or losses) than the more traditional mindset of killing yourself until you get burned out or injured in the short term. This article is part 2 of a 3 part series.  Great stuff, highly recommend his books and videos, insightful guy.

Lift heavier - another great article from Dan John. Want to get big? eat big and lift heavy.  Want to lose weight? eat less and lift heavy.  Of course lift heavy is often misinterpreted.  Lifting heavy does not mean max out every day.  Form and patterning is primary focus (Dan and Pavel call this "Greasing the Groove"), then stress your body a little within good form.  Slowly move up over time and test yourself on occasion (a few times per year, although newbies can get away with a bit more than that as they are realizing their strength potential).  Strength is nervous system based, you don't improve strength when your nervous system is always shot.  Dan shares the same love for the deadlift pattern (notice i said pattern, plenty of ways to replicate the pattern without doing the traditional deadlift) as I do.  When you learn how to do the pattern correctly, it will improve many aspects of your life.

Running 101 - I know you've run 3-6 miles when you were back in high school, but that was 10+ years ago.  Don't over do it when you're starting back up.  Best approach is to start small and finish big.  Focus on improving your pattern and ease into higher and faster mileage over several weeks/months.

Stand at Work - Working out 3 hours a week is great, but what happens the rest of the time?  Sitting for 12-14 hours a day changes our body mechanics and movement patterns. Do your best to set up your work or home environment to get you on your feet and out of that seated position.

What women should never do (but often do) while trying to get in shape - a title that explains itself...

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