Monday, March 26, 2012

Congrats to Team GTS/4 Star Gym for another successful Competition

Update 3.28 - new team video and individual videos added.
Update 3.27 - new stats, pics and videos added.

The team had another successful day after competing in the USPA CA State Bench Press and Deadlift Championships.  10 GTS Athletes competed in the event.  The team walked away with...

  • 11 Gold Medals
  • 1 Silver Medal
  • Multiple CA State and American Records
  • Best Female Master Lifter!  Congrats Linda!
  • Best Male Master Lifter! Congrats Ed!
As always, huge thanks to Steve Denison, the referees, announcers, spot loaders and all the people that donate their time with the USPA for putting on another fun and inspiring competition!  

Thanks to Mike and Mary Goff for providing my team with the space and equipment we need to get get stronger and blow away personal records. 

Video and results to come, but pictures will be uploaded to this album as they come available!

GTS/4 Star Gym Team Deadlift Statistics

  • Total Weight Lifted: 4025 lbs (10 Team Members)
  • Average Weight Lifted - Team: 402.5 lbs
  • Average Team Body Weight: 174.4 lbs!
  • Heaviest Weight Lifted - Men: 666 lbs
  • Heaviest Weight Lifted - Women: 330 lbs. 
By Men/Women...
  • Total Weight Lifted - Men: 2820 lbs (6 Men)
  • Average Weight Lifted - Men: 470 lbs
  • Total Weight Lifted - Women: 1205 lbs (4 Women)
  • Average Weight Lifted - Women: 301.25 lbs

Interested in joining our team?  Training at 4 Star Gym?
New to strength training? Have no fear, many of the people in these photos only started a few months back!
Contact for more information.

Team Video
Huge thanks to Joe and Tatiana for filming and editing all the video for everyone!

Individual Videos

Jess's 314 lb Deadlift, in her first competition! Jess has lost 22 lbs since X-mas!

Anna's 330 lb Deadlift at a bodyweight of 126 lbs!

Linda 253 lb RAW DL in the 55-59 Masters Division, walking away with Best Master Lifter on the day! Hard to believe a year and a half ago we were working on picking up 35 lb Kettlebells off the floor!

Dennis has lost 70+ lbs in the last year and dropping... He's increased his deadlift over 100 lbs in the last few months...

Joe's 485 lb PR Deadlift @ 181 lbs body weight.

Jason's 666 lb PR Deadlift @ 194 lbs body weight.

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