Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love getting these messages...

I get my fair share of messages throughout the day, most of which are hysterical "hate" mail over muscle soreness from one of our training sessions. But I really wanted to start sharing some of the positive messages I receive.

"Hey Bud,

I was doing Kettlebell Swings yesterday morning and this guy came up to me and was like "You're the only person in this gym that does those right, even the trainers do them wrong." I guess he trained with a guy who learned from Pavel. I just wanted to say thanks for all the form cues."

Another txt msg from one of my teenage athletes...
"Hey man! I'm at camp and some guy was like how long did it take you to get a six pack? I sort of have one now! LOL! I just wanted to say thanks!! (-: "

Updated 2.27.12... via a facebook post...

"Went shopping for some new work pants, since I was kinda swimming in my old ones and having to fold them at the waist... not the first time I almost cried in the fitting room and for those of you women out there I'm sure you've had those moments... but today, it was a tear or two of joy... down to a size 10 (haven't seen that since before I had my kids) and with room to spare... single digits are in the very near future!!!"
- This post was written the week after she deadlifted over 300 lbs for her first time! Yes, that means by managing her nutrition, she's lost a bunch of weight AND is lifting heavy things (getting stronger) WITHOUT getting "bulky".  

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