Tuesday, January 31, 2012

American Cup 2012 LA Fit Expo GTS Results

Great day for GTS and 4 Star Gym at the LA Fit Expo this past weekend. The event showcased some unbelievable lifters, and it was an honor for some of our team members to be invited to such an event.

The GTS Team had 4 competitors at this competition. Anna, Tatiana, Nancy and Jason. Their Results are below.

Anna finished with a 319 lb deadlift @ body weight of 128 lbs. This was Anna's first competition using a single ply Velocity Deadlift suit. Anna took 2nd place overall in the Light Weight Division based on Wilke's formula.

Tatiana finished with a 358 lb deadlift. This was Tatiana's first competition using a single ply Velocity Deadlift suit. Tatiana took 3rd place overall in the Middle Weight Division based on Wilke's formula.

Nancy finished with a personal competition best of 242 lb deadlift @ a bodyweight of 132 lbs.  Nancy chose to compete RAW in a single ply competition, and this was her first competition in the 132 lb weight class (she normally competes in the 148 lbs. class).  Her pursuit for a 250+ lb deadlift continues!

Jason finished with a 622 lb opener at a bodyweight of 198 lbs, missing the 2nd and 3rd attempts at 672.5 lbs.

Huge thanks to everyone that helped to make the USPA American Cup possible, including Steve Denison, all of the USPA Referees, spotters/loaders, competitors and announcer Chuck Lamantia.

Would also like to thank Mike and Mary Goff at 4 Star Gym for providing the GTS team with an optimal training environment to maximize our strength.  Thanks to Joe Buys for taking video of the competition.

The GTS/4 Star Gym team is currently preparing for the USPA CA State Meet at the end of March 2012.  We'll have between 10-20 competitors for this meet.  If you're interested in joining the team, preparing for a competition, or just need a place to train, please shoot us an email!

Video from another angle.  Thanks for taking this video Ed!

Watch Other Big Lifts from the Fit Expo Deadlift Competition. Thanks for taking video Ed!


  1. Great vids, THANKS, Joe! And thanks for taking the time to make this post, Jay!

  2. I loved watching the team as it streamed live on the internet. I found myself cheering you on OUTLOUD, as if I was there.

    I am so thrilled with all of your accomplishments in this competition, and wish the GTS team the best for your upcoming events.

    In the words of Bill Phillips...
    "Transformation has little to do with trying to become better than anybody else and a lot to do with trying to become better than you used to be "

  3. Great Bill Phillips quote! thanks for the feedback everyone, very proud of everyone!