Tuesday, January 31, 2012

American Cup 2012 LA Fit Expo GTS Results

Great day for GTS and 4 Star Gym at the LA Fit Expo this past weekend. The event showcased some unbelievable lifters, and it was an honor for some of our team members to be invited to such an event.

The GTS Team had 4 competitors at this competition. Anna, Tatiana, Nancy and Jason. Their Results are below.

Anna finished with a 319 lb deadlift @ body weight of 128 lbs. This was Anna's first competition using a single ply Velocity Deadlift suit. Anna took 2nd place overall in the Light Weight Division based on Wilke's formula.

Tatiana finished with a 358 lb deadlift. This was Tatiana's first competition using a single ply Velocity Deadlift suit. Tatiana took 3rd place overall in the Middle Weight Division based on Wilke's formula.

Nancy finished with a personal competition best of 242 lb deadlift @ a bodyweight of 132 lbs.  Nancy chose to compete RAW in a single ply competition, and this was her first competition in the 132 lb weight class (she normally competes in the 148 lbs. class).  Her pursuit for a 250+ lb deadlift continues!

Jason finished with a 622 lb opener at a bodyweight of 198 lbs, missing the 2nd and 3rd attempts at 672.5 lbs.

Huge thanks to everyone that helped to make the USPA American Cup possible, including Steve Denison, all of the USPA Referees, spotters/loaders, competitors and announcer Chuck Lamantia.

Would also like to thank Mike and Mary Goff at 4 Star Gym for providing the GTS team with an optimal training environment to maximize our strength.  Thanks to Joe Buys for taking video of the competition.

The GTS/4 Star Gym team is currently preparing for the USPA CA State Meet at the end of March 2012.  We'll have between 10-20 competitors for this meet.  If you're interested in joining the team, preparing for a competition, or just need a place to train, please shoot us an email!

Video from another angle.  Thanks for taking this video Ed!

Watch Other Big Lifts from the Fit Expo Deadlift Competition. Thanks for taking video Ed!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Training with Joe Buys - Dedicated to the Hustlers

Joe Buys put together a quick GTS training montage from his strength workout on Friday morning. See the video below...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Something to consider... Although getting more fruits and veggies is extremely important.  Juicing/blending fruits and veggies actually processes food and allows your body to ingest more calories than it could if you ate it whole.

Although a great way of getting a lot of calories at once, your body ultimately does less work since the blender breaks down the food for you. End result is your body has less work to do and your blood sugar increases much quicker than if you were to eat the food whole.

For those trying to put on weight and need an increased calorie intake, juicing and blending can certainly be useful.  But for everyone else looking to manage or reduce their body fat, controlling blood sugar/insulin is the key to managing body composition.

Women and Strength

Love seeing stories like this.  Females (of any age), realizing what they are capable of.  It's a very empowering thing!

Watch the video of 13 Year Old, Abbey's Weightlifting success here... 

And as you can see with our GTS lifters, and Abbey. Strength and Muscle Size isn't necessarily mutually exclusive.   Strength requires a unique combination of technique and nervous system recruitment that teaches your entire body to fire at once to accomplish a task.

As her trainer mentions in the video, he suspects one of the key elements to her success is the fact that she hasn't been told for decades that she's limited.  I have adult women that come in weekly with the fear of getting too big and bulky from lifting weights let alone heavy weights.  They've been conditioned for years that lifting weights will give you abnormally gross, huge muscles.

I have news for you, you have to put a LOT of energy, focus, nutrition, and years of training to get that way (without pharmaceutical supplementation) and the large majority of people just lack the genetic make up to even get "big".  Don't let the freak shows of the world scare you away from the weight room.

Although training for aesthetics (whether it be "toning" or building muscle) is usually what draws people to lifting weights in the first place. I've found training for strength to be much more rewarding for myself and a large majority of my clients.  Why?...
  • It's empowering for men, women and children to be able to lift more weight month after month.
  • Learning proper mechanics/leverages will keep your joints healthy and reduce risk of injury. 
  • Improvements are incremental and objective.
  • It builds confidence in all aspects of your life.
  • It improves your hormonal function.
  • Reduces stress. 
  • You'll see carry over to your sport or everyday life.
  • And of course, if you manage your nutrition appropriately, the body composition improvements is an enjoyable benefit.  The strength movements will aid in building dense, longer lasting, useful muscle, and promote fat loss.  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gordon Santee

I'm honored to share this article about my mentor, training partner and great friend Gordon Santee.  Gordon is one of the smartest, most consistent and meticulous people I know. I've learned a tremendous amount from him and he's very deserving of this article.  I only hope to accomplish a fraction of what he's done throughout his life.

Read more about World Record Power Lifter Gordon Santee