Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Something to consider for 2012...

What a timely article... 7 Reasons why everyone should do a powerlifting meet.

Before you dismiss the idea like everyone else, in addition to the reasons listed, here are a few additional things to consider.

  • It gives you something to TRAIN for... 
    • No more "working out". 
    • Having an event in the future keeps you focused, and working with a purpose, instead of mindlessly working your B's & T's (Biceps/Triceps) and other assorted beach muscles you never see because you can't stay focused on a nutrition plan.
    • Who cares if you win or not? Thousands of people run marathons every year, very few of them with the expectation of winning something.  You do it for the experience and to set a personal record for yourself!
  • It gives you something to DIET for...
    • There are weight classes in powerlifting meets.  Try implementing a sound nutrition plan where you lose weight and gain strength.  
    • It's 10 times easier to lose unwanted pounds when you have a deadline and reason to lose it. 
    • Focus on becoming the most efficient athlete you can, instead of the biggest.

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