Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Women: Running into Trouble

GREAT Article by John Kiefer... See full text here... Women: Running into Trouble.

This article applies to those who have been doing excessive steady state cardio for weeks/months/years on end. Meaning 4-7 days a week of 40+ minutes of steady state training...
"...not talking about walking or even appropriate HIIT cardio, but the running, cycling, stair climbing or elliptical variety done for hours at or above 65 percent of max heart rate, actually anaerobic threshold is a better measure, but not practical for day-to-day use."

Important Take Aways:
"Steady-state endurance activities like this devastate a woman’s metabolism. It will devastate a man’s too, but in different ways."
"Studies demonstrate beyond any doubt that in women, cardio chronically shuts down the production of the thyroid hormone, T3.1-11 
T3 is the body’s preeminent regulator of metabolism by throttling the efficiency of cells.12-19 T3 acts in various ways to increase heat production.20-21 As I pointed out, in Logic Does Not Apply: A Calorie Is A Calorie, this is one reason using static equations to perform calorie-in, calorie-out weight loss calculations doesn’t work—well, that’s why it’s stupid, actually. When T3 levels are normal, the body burns enough energy to stay warm and muscles function at moderate efficiency. Too much thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism) and the body becomes inefficient making weight gain almost impossible. Too little T3 (hypothyroidism) and the body accumulates body fat with ease, almost regardless of physical activity level. 
Women unknowingly put themselves into the hypothyroid condition because they perform so much steady-state cardio. In the quest to lose body fat, T3 levels can grant success or a miserable failure because of how it influences other fat-regulating hormones.22-31 In addition, women get all the other negative effects, which I’ll get to. Don’t be surprised or aghast. It’s a simple, sensible adaption of the body, especially a body equipped to bear the full brunt of reproducing."

Read More here...

Great Reminder of the GTS Fat Loss Hierarchy...
  1. Nutrition
  2. Strength/Hypertrophy
  3. "Cardio"

Thanks to Brad for sending this over...

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