Saturday, November 5, 2011


If you're on a weight/fat loss program I encourage you to stay patient with your results... I received an email from one of my clients who became very discouraged after a slower Week 2 drop...

Her 2 week results are as follows...

Day 1: 169
EOW 1: 163
EOW2: 160 (9 lbs lost)

Day 1: 31.5
EOW 1: 30.5
EOW2: 29.25 (2.25 inches lost)

Day 1: 43
EOW 1: 40.5
EOW2: 40.5 (2.5 inches lost)

Day 1: 26.5
EOW 1: 25.5
EOW2: 25 (1.5 inches lost)

My Response Below:

Impatience is the hardest part of the fat loss process.

9 lbs. 2.25 inches in your waist in 2 weeks is a ridiculous amount of weight to lose for a female of your size. Think about how you put on weight over the years... do you gain 9 lbs in two weeks? No, your body adjusts slowly, you gain a quarter to a half a pound of fat (not water) here and there.  Extrapolate that over the course of a few years and you may have put on 10-15 lbs...

Losing weight is the same way. the initial drop gets people motivated but don't think thats the norm. Expect 1 lb to a 1/2 pound per week on avgerage, some weeks you might not lose any, but I'm more concerned with trending over time. Stay strong, you're doing great. no need for extra workouts at this time... thats exactly how people get burned out, injured, and/or break the routine.

Calories look perfect and everything is going to plan.... extrapolate some low end results over 8 weeks... Lets look at an example...
  • WK1: -6lb
  • Wk2: -3lb
  • WK3: -2lb
  • Wk4: -1lb
  • WK5: 0 lb
  • WK6: -2 lb
  • WK7: -.5 lb
  • WK8: -.5 lb

Thats - 15 lbs in 8 weeks... combine that with your weight training and thats some DRAMATIC results in the way your body looks.

Remember in the grand scheme of things it took you years to add on weight... a week/month is a very short time to assess your progress... give yourself 8 weeks at least before you start judging your results.

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  1. Totally agree. Patience and persistence are KEY to changing behavior, fitness, appearance, and your life. As difficult and discouraging as it can be to be patient and persistent, think of how more difficult and discouraging it is to live with the results of undisciplined behavior.

    Keep your eyes on the prize, you CAN do it and you ARE doing it. In my struggle to maintain a lifestyle conducive to fitness and self-actualization I often think of the phrase, "Never give up, never surrender."

    Keep on keepin' on.