Monday, October 24, 2011

Diet/Strength Training comes first, then add cardio.

Dag has lost over 30 lbs following a fat loss nutrition plan and strength and conditioning program.

Great reminder for those interested in fat loss that put "cardio" before diet/strength training... via Alwyn Cosgrove

See article for studies sited...
"... I told her that if her goal is to change the way her body looks – she needs to adjust her diet, and add strength training. Muscle is metabolically active. If you make it work – you burn calories. If you build some more muscle – you burn some more calories.
So if your goal is to increase your metabolism and lose the fat – and you had to choose between strength training or cardio – you need to add strength training to your program FIRST!"

GTS Fat Loss hierarchy...

  1. Nutrition plan geared toward fat loss (will have the LARGEST impact on body fat loss). I've said it a million times, you can't out train a bad diet.
  2. Strength/Hypertrophy based Training: Challenging full body strength exercises will improve your every day function, your posture (if you learn to do it properly), increase your metabolism, help you utilize calories more efficiently, more fun to track improvements, and of course as an added benefit reshapes your body to improve the way you look!
  3. Cardiovascular based training:  If you've got extra time, you can apply it toward this.  Yes it will help you burn some additional calories, but the first two will make a much larger impact on getting the body you want, less likely to burn you out and is far less time consuming then mindlessly running on the hamster wheel for an hour or two every day.   

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