Monday, August 29, 2011

Sucker Punch Training

A few weeks back I watched the movie Sucker Punch... it's exactly what you expect... a bunch of hot chicks kicking aaaa... glutes... pretty awesome. (It was actually a little deeper than that but, I would imagine most people would watch it for the action.)

Anyway, I came across this Behind the Scenes video for the movie, showing the training the girls went through to prepare for the film.  In addition to fight training, they went through a hard core strength and conditioning program, using all the same training principles and many of the same exercises as we do at Game Time Strength.

You'll see clips of the girls deadlifting, overhead pressing, jumping, farmers and suitcase walks, drags, etc.

Their trainer, Logan Hood, said they took "baby steps" each day working on three things...
1. More WEIGHT
2. More Reps
3. Faster Time

Note: I highlight the word "baby steps" because it's important to set yourself up for daily improvement, over a period of months... beating yourself into the ground from day 1 is not training... its testing... 

The biggest thing I've seen in my clients and the most fascinating part of this video for me was the mindset change of the girls.  Not only did their training create "Glute" kicking bodies that needed to perform on set, their training built up their strength, confidence, pushed them to a level physically that they have never been before.  It enabled them to fully embrace their once helpless female characters that plot to take back control of their lives.

A properly designed Strength and Conditioning Program, changes someone, females especially, for the better.  If you don't believe me... Read Nancy's How Deadlift Training Can Be a Girl's Best Friend...

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