Monday, August 29, 2011

Ladies... Stop focusing on that scale.

Wanted to share one of my female clients weekly measurements... I think its a perfect example of how weighing yourself on a daily basis is an AWFUL habit.  It's really a small piece to a very big puzzle when it comes to transforming your body.

During the second week of this particular clients program she didn't lose a pound... She weighed herself daily, and was getting a bit discouraged with her progress... Something I've seen MANY females do... Luckily she stayed focused, stuck to the plan, and waited till we uncovered the second piece of the puzzle... the measurements.

In one week she dropped 1.5 inches in her waist, 1 inch in her hips, and 1.75 inches in her thigh... yet she didn't lose a single pound... That's progress... That's body transformation.

Ladies, I know you're focused on the scale, and constantly bombarded with the latest celebrity diet or fad training routine.  But if you really want to see physical, long lasting changes, you'll be much better served focusing on improving your overall strength, and committing to a nutrition plan that focuses more on the quality and types of calories your consuming.

Day 1 167.4
Week 1 161.2
Week 2 161.2

Day 1 29.50
Week 1 29.50
Week 2 28.00 (1.5 inches!!)

Day 1 41.75
Week 1 41.25
Week 2 40.25 (1 inch)

Day 1 26.00
Week 1 26.00
Week 2 24.25 (1.75 inches !!!)

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