Friday, August 12, 2011

Go hard or go home...

Via T Thyme... A very inspiring blog post from a client of mine...

"Today is a big day for a self proclaimed "Foodie".

About a week ago I decided to get back into the training game. Not that I ever walked away from working out but it's been a while since I've done organized weight lifting/training. Anyway, it's been a week since i've started and suddenly I had an epiphany..."Just like in everything else I do, if I want to be amazing at it and see results I can't go at it half-heartedly." It was in that moment that I realized I need to make a change in the way that I eat. I need to make better decisions, stop being so careless and realize that there is going to be a consequence for my actions.

What is the point in working out so hard if you are just maintaining? Well, that's an interesting question. If you are perfectly happy with how you feel then keep at it. However, If you are like me and you continually wonder why you aren't losing inches/pounds or why you don't feel your best then it's time to make a change.

That is why today is the last time (for a while) that I will follow up a meal with a piece of candy and try to plan my week around the next great restaurant I want to try. I'm starting a healthy meal plan tomorrow! I'm going to hold myself accountable, be organized and prepare for things instead of react to them when they come my way (Just talking about hunger). All with hopes of getting to a place of ultimate comfort and happiness with none other than.. "ME"."
In her first two weeks training and following the GTS Nutrition Coaching program T Thyme has lost 11 lbs and 3 inches in her waist, all while deadlifting and squatting in the 200's... Mindset of a champion!

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