Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Balance Minimus

Just picked up a new pair of Minimalist Training shoes that I'm digging.

The New Balance Minimus

Comes in 3 variations:

  • Trail Running
  • Road Running
  • Cross Training

Wasn't a huge fan of the colors for the Cross Trainers. Loved the soles on the Trail Running shoes so I ended up going with them.  

I do love my Vibrams, but my one issue with them is I'm clumsy and I've ended up stubbing my pinky toes on just about everything imaginable on the weight room floor. I'm pretty sure they are both broken at the moment.

These shoes still give you that barefoot feel, with an enclosed toe.  Plus the sole is flatter and a little more sturdy then the Nike Free's, so I like these for weight training.

Note: If you're planning to pick up any pair of minimalist running shoes, EASE your way into them.  If you're not used to them it puts a lot of strain on the calf, Achilles tendon and musculature of the foot. Don't just jump into a 3 mile run with them on... start out with a few small hills, and wear them to the gym or walking first. 

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