Tuesday, July 19, 2011

International Powerlifting League (IPL)

For those strength enthusiasts out there, The International Powerlifting League (IPL) has been formed! The IPL is a world federation that will act as the governing body for the USPA in the United States and countries worldwide. There are multiple US federations, but only a handful of World federations. In order to meet the needs of the members of the USPA the IPL was formed.

The IPL will be holding its inaugural World Championship November 30 to December 4 at the Golden Nugget Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Golden Nugget recently had 380 million in renovations and looks fantastic! The hotel is incredible and offers a wide range of room types and a variety of great restaurants. Details will be available soon on the IPL and USPA website.

The inaugural IPL World Powerlifting Championship in Las Vegas will be open to all lifters and will include raw and single ply. It will also include a World Cup for the multi-ply division. There will not be any pre-qualification, for this year only. Several countries have shown great interest and will be sending teams.

The Schedule of events for the IPL Worlds Nov 30 to Dec 4 will be the following:

  • Wed, Nov 30: All women and men up to 165, raw and single ply Full Power.
  • Thurs, Dec 1: Men's 181,198,220 raw and single ply Full Power.
  • Fri, Dec 2: Men's 242,275,308,308+ raw and single ply Full Power.
  • Sat, Dec 3: Multiply World Cup, Full Power and Bench only.
  • Sun, Dec 4: Bench only and Deadlift only, raw and single ply for men and women.

The IPL website is: http://www.powerlifting-ipl.com/ However it is currently under construction and will be available soon.

(Via Powerlifting Watch) Check out the news about the International Powerlifting League (IPL)

Looking to try something different?

We'll have a crew from 4 Star Gym and Game Time Strength competing in this event. If you're interested in training, a program, or jumping on the team, let me know!

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