Friday, July 1, 2011

Benefits of a Strength & Conditioning Program

Whether you’re looking to improve your performance, health, or physique, everyone can benefit from improving strength. Strength contributes to the overall efficiency of the human body.  For recreational & competitive athletes it leads to enhanced physical & sports performance. For the non-athlete it will help improve quality of life by reducing body fat, increasing energy, and providing you with strength and endurance to keep up with the physical demands of life.

Strength for Sport

Sport-specific strength training requires a more refined approach than simply lifting heavy weights to complete exhaustion. A physiological analysis of any game or event will confirm that most athletes require explosive power, muscular endurance, maximal strength or some combination of all three in order to excel. Rarely is pure muscle bulk the primary concern and when it is, other elements of strength are equally as important.

Most sports require movements that are rapid and demand a higher power output than is generated during maximal lifts. Strength training lays the foundation increasing the potential for additional power development.  If there is no conversion of this strength into sport-specific power, the athlete may not benefit from the increases in strength.  An athlete can be exceptionally strong but lack substantial power due to an inability to contract muscle quickly. GTS Performance athletes learn to combine strength, power and plyometric training to improve the rate of force production and convert maximal strength into explosive power.

Strength for Life

Strength training can reverse the natural decline in your metabolism.  Lean muscle mass is what helps control our metabolism; the more you have, the more calories you burn at rest.   The human body is extremely efficient. After 30 years of age, if you’re body isn’t continually provided with a strength stimulus, you will naturally begin to lose lean muscle mass and strength, thus resulting in a slower metabolism, and in most cases an increase in body fat.  GTS Performance combines strength training with High Intensity Interval training to build and maintain lean muscle, increase metabolism, energy, and overall fitness levels.

Below are a few more benefits of engaging in a Game Time Strength Sports Performance & Fitness Training Program:

Increased lean muscle mass
Lean Muscle mass controls our metabolism. The more you have, the more calories you burn at rest.  When combined with a nutrition program designed to create a caloric deficit or surplus, strength training will contribute to a more “toned”/athletic look or increases in muscular size respectively.

Decreased Body Fat
Studies have shown strength training and high intensity interval training contributes to significantly more fat loss than aerobic training alone. Strength training also increases post exercise caloric burn, meaning we burn more calories from fat in the 24-hour period after resistance training! This means for the 23 hours you’re not working out, your body continues to burn calories.

Increased power production
GTS Performance combines strength, power and plyometric training to improve the rate of force production and convert maximal strength into explosive power.

Increased Speed
Increases in strength, flexibility and sport specific demands allow athletes to create more force with each step.  Combined with good running mechanics, a strength program allows athletes to work longer and harder in developing their skills on the field resulting in an increase in acceleration and multi-directional speed.

Enhanced bone mineral density
Strength training helps to prevent Osteoporosis in older individuals and women.

Reduced Risk of Injury, Improved Posture and Joint Support
Most injuries stem from muscular asymmetries or imbalances.  GTS Performance helps identify/correct these potential problems and improve basic movement patterns thus reducing the risk of injury, improving postural alignment and alleviating excessive joint stress by re-teaching your body how to use your prime movers.

Improved health and cardiovascular fitness
Strategically timed activity and rest periods will improve cardiovascular function, aerobic conditioning and recovery. In addition, tracking strength & performance numbers is a much better way of measuring overall fitness then strictly counting an estimated number of calories burned on a treadmill.

Improved physical appearance
Increases in lean muscle mass and decreases in body fat will lead to a more “toned” / athletic look.

Improved Mobility and Flexibility
Soft Tissue and mobility work before and after training will help improve flexibility, movement patterns, and reduce soreness between workouts.

Improved Mood and Confidence
One side effect of any intense exercises is increased levels of dopamine, serotonin, and nor epinephrine, which can help to improve mood and counter feelings of depression.
Most people are amazed once they realize their strength potential.  Mentally, achieving something you never thought possible is a huge confidence booster.  Physically, your new found strength will make the demands of everyday life far less challenging.

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