Monday, June 20, 2011

Education and habits...

As a kid I was never a fan of reading.  I was slow, read every word on the page, and would often find myself reading for pages, spacing out and having no idea what I just read.

Who knows maybe I just had a resentment for reading throughout the years because I was forced to read books in school that I had no interest in.  

Not quite sure when it happened, but over the last several years I have been devouring books and educational material... I guess when you realize what you're interested in, its no longer a chore.  You learn how to extract the information you're looking for and disregard the information you don't need.

Either way, today I took a picture of some of the (phsycial) educational material I've read/watched over the last year and a half...  this doesn't include the hours of online research, journals, eBooks, Kindle Books, blogs, and weeks worth of seminars I've attended... I was really surprised!

I certainly didn't intend on accomplishing all of that in the last year and a half... it just kinda built up over time.  Even the thought of reading all of that seems impossible.  But, last year I set a simple goal for myself... I made it a habit to read at least a little something every day.  I'm still relatively slow at reading, but I took it one page/chapter/book at a time.

The same can be said for your fitness or nutrition plan.  The thought of losing 30 lbs of fat, gaining 20 lbs of lean muscle, or adding 50 lbs to a lift seems so far away at first, almost impossible...

The truth is it takes time, persistance, and commitment for a period of time to reach your goal, and it all starts with creating a simple habit.  Aim to get some type of activity each day, become more conscious about what you're consuming, train your weakness each time you get into the gym, drop one night of treats or drinking from your week or month...

A quarter to half pound of weight gain or loss in a week seems so small... but compound that over several months or a year and you'll see some huge physical changes! (both for better or worse...)

Use this as a reminder, evaluate what you've been doing...

Do your habits match your goals?


  1. Great post Jay, I needed a kick start as I was starting to lose focus. This was it.

  2. very well put. definitely applies to me.