Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Strength Training vs. Strength Demonstration

Today I was re-reading the Naked Warrior today by Pavel.

This post is for the guys (sorry ladies its just more typical of guys) out there who continue to push their max (or very close to their max) in every training session.

I've stated the importance of giving yourself room to grow and "not playing a superbowl every week" in a few different posts... but I really liked this particular quote on the difference between strength training and strength demonstration.

"Strength training and strength demonstration are not the same thing. The notion that you should break personal records every workout is nothing but a fairy tale.  
The less frequently you try for a PR, the better. 
Maxing every two weeks is a good guideline for beginners;
Every two months is more appropriate for experienced strength athletes.
The elite should only try for PRs a couple of times a year. " - Pavel, The Naked Warrior

Strength training consists of a program designed to peak over several weeks/months.

Strength demonstration is a single test of strength.  In most cases it should not be used on a daily basis.

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