Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Santa Barbara USPA Powerlifting Competition Results

Traveled up to Santa Barbara this past weekend with my F-Word and Rob for another USPA Powerlifting Competition hosted by Fisher Strength and Health.   The competition was outdoors at the fairgrounds, but I had a chance to walk through Kevin Fisher's facility, and I highly recommend the gym to anyone serious about building strength, or improving their sports performance and overall health.  It's a lock and key gym with some awesome equipment, several trainers and a crossfit area as well.

Anyway, we lucked out with yet another great day!  Everyone from GTS hit personal records and achieved their goals for the day.  For Rob and I, it was only a month out from our last competition, which was ok, because I competed RAW and used it as more of a training session, and Rob is still pretty new to the sport so his body is still adapting to the training loads.  Anna however was brand new to the sport and this was her first ever deadlift competition.  Amazing results after only 4 weeks of dedicated deadlift training!

Quick Summary of Results:

  • Rob benched 419 lbs for a new USPA CA and American State Record for his age and weight class.
  • Rob deadlifted 501 lbs, an awesome accomplishment considering his history of back problems and that we started him off at 100 lbs about 4 months ago.
  • Anna deadlifted 231 lbs RAW (also didn't use a belt) after only 4 weeks of training.
  • Jason deadlift 585 lbs RAW for a new USPA CA State Record, first raw competition ever with only 4 weeks of training. (Previous Personal Records : 639 lbs @ 198 BW Single Ply & 716 lbs @ 220 BW Single Ply)
  • Turns out our Vibram 5 Finger shoes are awesome for deadlifting, no heel, keeps us nice an low to the ground and the new models have some awesome grip to the floor.  Each of us wore them during the competition, just had to cut off the toes in our deadlifting socks to get them on.  Got a few strange looks, but I guess it happens. 
 Check out the video results below!

April 2011 Santa Barbara USPA Powerlifting Competition - Team GTS

Thanks again to everyone that helped put on another successful meet and to Donna for taking video for us!

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