Friday, May 6, 2011

High Stakes Workout

Please excuse my hand writing, a long day of training and my fine motor skills go down the toilet.  Every once in a while, instead of training toward a specific goal, I throw in a fun little challenge for my clients.  Challenges are great because they keep things fresh and fun, and occasionally it creates the illusion that they have an influence over their own workouts... <cue sinister laugh>

This particular challenge involves a deck of cards, and lots of pain...

The GTS High Stakes Challenge

Here are the rules...
1. Choose 4 somewhat demanding exercises and pair them up with each of the suites in the deck.
Clubs = Sand Bag Zercher Squats
Diamonds = Cleans & Presses
Spades = Chin Ups
Hearts = GTS Burpees

2. Choose 5 cards at a time, use the number on the card as the number of reps to perform for each exercise.
Card 1 = 5 Hearts
Card 2 = 3 Hearts
Card 3 = 10 Diamonds (we count all face cards as 10 reps)
Card 4 = Ace Diamonds (we count as 11 reps)
Card 5 = 8 Clubs

3. Determine your complex by adding up the cards for each exercise, then perform the complex.
E.g. Complex 1
- 8 GTS Burpees
- 21 Cleans & Presses
- 8 Sand Bag Zercher Squats

4. Repeat 5-6 more rounds.  Depending on your luck, you might have a nice easy workout, or a pretty challenging one like the one in the picture.

In the picture above my clients did 5 rounds of complexes, but picked some very high cards.  So their total work ended up being pretty high.

This is a great workout to do on a Friday or Saturday, give it a try, have fun with it and post the the exercises you chose in the comments section!


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