Friday, April 8, 2011

GTS April Challenge Tabata-A-Day Day 8

Day 8 of the GTS Tabata-A-Day Challenge 

8 Days in and we are having some great success with the challenge and I just realized today we've got people viewing the blog from roughly 20 Countries!!! So HUGE thanks to everyone for sharing the challenge with others! It's a tough challenge but hopefully it will promote daily activity!

Here's another bodyweight only exercise option. This is a great glute exercise that gets us moving in both the lateral and transverse plane of motion. It's also great for sport as it gets you on one foot, challenges your balance, and forces you to absorb a lateral force and quickly change direction. Skater Plyos performed in a tabata fashion are guarenteed to get that butt burning!

Check out the video for instructions on how to perform the movement.
Note: You may perform the motion in a side-to-side fashion or move in a figure-8 pattern as I do in the video.

If you're looking for some added resistance on skater plyos I use the Lifeline Lateral Resistors found at Perform Better. The device comes with 3 bands, but we typically use 1 for this exercise. You can pick up your own here.

Have fun with it and don't forget to email your results or post in the comments section!

Day 8 Tabata Workout:

GTS Skater Plyo

Learn more about the GTS Tabata Challenge
To see details about this months GTS Tabata Challenge see the Day 1 post here.

In Summary:
- Choose 1 exercise (or 2 exercises to alternate between)
- Perform the exercise for 20 seconds (counting the reps)
- Rest for EXACTLY 10 seconds
- Repeat 7 more times (total of 8 sets) for 4 minutes.
- DONE! or you can choose another tabata to perform.



  1. Damon, I know you're reading this right now... don't over think it, just get after it!

  2. For Day 8 I did a simple tabata of sprints - 20 sec all out sprint, 10 sec walk, etc.

  3. I did kettlebell push presses with a 12kg KB (I think! It's been three days since I did it and I can't remember! That's what happens when I don't have access to a computer for a few days).

  4. TRX Row & Squat Jump...I don't remember the numbers but they were astronomical.