Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GTS April Challenge Tabata-A-Day Day 26

Day 26 of the GTS Tabata-A-Day Challenge 

Last week of the challenge! Here's an awesome 4 exercise slam complex utilizing one of my favorite pieces of equipment, the sandbell.  This is a great tool for trainers running groups or outdoor training. It's fun, different, and gives you the ability to perform exercises that let you carry, throw and SLAM the weight! I'll get into the other exercises at some point, but today let's get SLAMMED!

GTS Slam Complex

  • Slam
  • 180 Jump Slam
  • Side to Side Slam
  • Chest Slam
  • Choose from a bouncing med ball, dead med ball, or my preferred tool the Sandbell.
  • Females resistance 8-20 lbs
  • Males resistance 12-40 lbs.

    Day 26 Tabata Exercise Option:

    Learn more about the GTS Tabata Challenge
    To see details about this months GTS Tabata Challenge see the Day 1 post here.

    In Summary:
    - Choose 1 exercise (or 2 exercises to alternate between)
    - Perform the exercise for 20 seconds (counting the reps)
    - Rest for EXACTLY 10 seconds (20 seconds for beginners)
    - Repeat 7 more times (total of 8 sets) for 4 minutes, or MORE!
    - DONE! or you can choose another tabata to perform.

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    1. Rubberband Paddle strokes

    2. 4 exercise complex (20sec on for each, 10sec rest) - 4 times through

      shuttle run
      running up stairs
      med ball slams
      mountain climbers