Thursday, April 14, 2011

GTS April Challenge Tabata-A-Day Day 14

Day 14 of the GTS Tabata-A-Day Challenge 

Super excited how the video promo turned out yesterday! If you haven't had a chance to see it, check it out here.  Big thanks again to my clients & athletes that were able to make it out to the filming!

Here's a rotational exercise to throw into your tabata mix.  Very minimal set up, only 1 band necessary.  You can do this one pretty much anywhere. Work on your explosive, full body rotational power.

Band Rotation - Baseball Swing

  • Initiate the movement with your hips, and make sure your hips are facing the direction you're swinging when you're done.
  • Pivot that back foot. 
  • Turn the shoulders, just like the hips.
  • Each swing should be performed as FAST and Explosive as possible.  Remember get the body to work as a unit, don't train a specific muscle.
  • Alternate sides every 20 seconds.
  • I'm using a Light (Purple) Band in this video. This is a great band for males, as we don't want an excessive amount of resistance, we want the movement to be quick.
  • Females should start out using a Mini (Red) or Monster Mini (black) band, and combine as necessary.
  • Training Handles are also a good option to add to the band if you don't like the rubber digging into your hands.
  • I just connected the band to any free standing item, but sometimes the Band Utility strap comes in handy and gives you more of the band to work with.

Day 14 Tabata Exercise Option:

Band Rotation - Baseball Swing

Learn more about the GTS Tabata Challenge
To see details about this months GTS Tabata Challenge see the Day 1 post here.

In Summary:
- Choose 1 exercise (or 2 exercises to alternate between)
- Perform the exercise for 20 seconds (counting the reps)
- Rest for EXACTLY 10 seconds (20 seconds for beginners)
- Repeat 7 more times (total of 8 sets) for 4 minutes.
- DONE! or you can choose another tabata to perform.

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  1. Performed tons of Jump Rope Tabatas yesterday with my clients.

  2. I'm posting my Friday tabata here, since I missed it on Thursday (day 14).

    4-minute tabata:
    Glute raises with feet on a physio ball. First round with both feet on ball, alternating one leg (other leg to ceiling) in subsequent rounds.