Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GTS April Challenge Tabata-A-Day Day 13

Day 13 of the GTS Tabata-A-Day Challenge 

2 new exercise options for today, both involving full body overhead pressing...

1-Arm DB Clean and Press & the 1-Arm DB Twist Press

Why I like them...

  • Cleaning adds a pulling movement into the exercise (adding more work).
  • Both movements incorporate the legs and gets the body moving as a unit.
  • Single-arm work allows you to work the body without overloading your Central Nervous System, a good alternative when you're beat up from doing bilateral (2 arm/leg) movements.
  • Single-arm work also challenges your core. 
  • Twist Press gets your body moving in the transverse plane, a plane of motion that isn't trained too often.
  • It's something different.

Day 13 Tabata Exercise Option:

1-Arm DB Clean and Press & the 1-Arm DB Twist Press

Learn more about the GTS Tabata Challenge
To see details about this months GTS Tabata Challenge see the Day 1 post here.

In Summary:
- Choose 1 exercise (or 2 exercises to alternate between)
- Perform the exercise for 20 seconds (counting the reps)
- Rest for EXACTLY 10 seconds (20 seconds for beginners)
- Repeat 7 more times (total of 8 sets) for 4 minutes.
- DONE! or you can choose another tabata to perform.

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  1. For Wednesday I did a 16-minute tabata consisting of four movements.

    Listed as pounds and sets, didn't track reps.

    Dumbbell Bench - 30x2, 25x2, 22.5x1, 17x3
    Alternating 1-armed rows - 30x2,25x2
    Unweighted squat jumps/squats - a mix of the two
    Overhead push-press with a barbell - 30x8

    Since I did more than one tabata today, I'm going to count one of them towards Tuesday, too.

    This tabata-a-day requires mental fortitude! Even four minutes a day of intense exercise takes some planning! I can't just jump into it, I need to warm-up for ten or fifteen minutes. My warm-up for today's tabata was lengthy =

    KB swings w/20 KG
    KB push-press ladder down w/12 KG (start at 5 reps)
    KB snatches ladder down w/12 KG (start at 5 reps)
    KB windmill 3 each side w/16KG
    KB TGU 2 each side w/16 KG

    Good stretch afterwards, too.

  2. Day 13 = skater plyos and mountain climbers.

    Congrats on the great commercial Jay!

  3. Nice job ladies. I've been using the tabatas as a warm up with some of my clients. Pick 2-4 light weight full body exercises that will warm up all the movement patterns. Then do a tougher one, or add some weight for the 2nd round. BAM! 2 in one day.

    So much for the "work hard but don't kill yourself" weds workout huh Nancy?