Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GTS April Challenge Tabata-A-Day Day 12

Day 12 of the GTS Tabata-A-Day Challenge 

Here's a Med Ball complex that integrates the whole body...

Med Ball Chopper Complex

This complex consists of 4 exercises...
  • Chopping up/down with a squat
  • Side to Side Rotations
  • Chopping on a diagonal with a Lateral Lunge Right
  • Chopping on a diagonal with a Lateral Lunge Left
Try to get as many reps in as possible in each of your 20 second sets. Do your best to match or exceed your number of reps the second round.

Give it a try, and don't forget to leave a comment about your training!

Day 12 Tabata Exercise Option:

Med Ball Chopper Complex

Learn more about the GTS Tabata Challenge
To see details about this months GTS Tabata Challenge see the Day 1 post here.

In Summary:
- Choose 1 exercise (or 2 exercises to alternate between)
- Perform the exercise for 20 seconds (counting the reps)
- Rest for EXACTLY 10 seconds (20 seconds for beginners)
- Repeat 7 more times (total of 8 sets) for 4 minutes.
- DONE! or you can choose another tabata to perform.

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  1. I did an alternating pushup/squat tabata after a chest workout this morning. This was my first workout back after a five-day vacation; it’s pretty embarrassing seeing how much I damaged myself over the last five-days of drinking and poor eating.

    24,18,14,14 = 70
    22,14,12,12 = 60

    I understand my chest being weak after a full workout, but it’s amazing to see how much it affected my legs too. After the second set of each I started shaking, burning chest, nausea…no more drinking for me for quite a while!

  2. Just completed a private bootcamp class so I got to "request" 2 tabatas today to make up for missing mine yesterday

    1) kettlebell swings (15lb) 11/11/11/11/11/11/11/12

    2) thrusters with 15lb dumbells
    9/9/9/9/13(no press)/9/12(no press)/10

  3. DB snatch, these were kind of fun

  4. Band row and band overhead tricep extension