Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friendly Reminder from your friends at Game Time Strength...

Ever wonder why you haven't been able to reach your goal? Do you even have a goal? Not just in fitness, in life in general?

I encourage you to take a look at your actions and see if they align with your goals...

  • If you want to be up to date on all of the celebrity gossip and well spoken in the lunch room when it comes to reality TV, make sure you're setting a side plenty of time in your week for fiddling on the internet and watching TV.
  • If you want to gain a bunch of weight around your mid section, make sure you sit as frequently as possible, drink alcohol on a weekly basis, eat a lot of highly processed food, mostly carbohydrates and very little protein.
  • If you want to waste your time, money and not make any progress in the weight room, go spend 2 hours at your local commercial gym and chat it up with a bunch of friends, spend hours walking on a treadmill, keep no records of your workouts, and train with zero intensity. 

This is your friendly GTS reminder...

If you want something, make sure your behaviors are in sync with your goals. 

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