Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2009 Deadlift Workout

Today I was looking back at some old workouts I had posted back in 2009 with my training partner Eddie. It's interesting to look back on how much my training has changed through out the years. Obviously now I support a much lower body weight (205 lbs) then in this video (Roughly 235 lbs). Although the reps were still low, weight heavy, the volume was much higher than what I do now.

High Volume, Heavy Weight, Tons of Calories = Much more muscle.

The extra weight isn't really something I'm looking to carry around at the moment as I'm competing in a lighter weight class now, and like not sweating at all times, but fun to look back from time to time.

Also interesting... Eddie trained in the same fashion for 6 months, controlled the amount of calories consumed, and subsequently LOST over 20 lbs in body weight while adding a good amount of muscle on his frame.  He ended up looking pretty good for his wedding I might add.

So don't forget the variables that are going to play a role in reaching your strength & fitness related goals.
  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
Note: There are way more variables, but these are probably the most important, at least for the purpose of this blog post. 

Check out the Video

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