Tuesday, March 29, 2011

USPA CA State Deadlift Competition - Training and Results

Here's video from my 8 weeks of training leading up to this past weekends USPA CA State Deadlift Competition. I performed a total of 11 working reps over 8 weeks (I think about 25-30 total reps if you include warm ups).

Goal: Since 198 lbs is an entirely new weight class for me, anything would be a personal record in competition, but I decided 600 lbs would be my ideal goal for this competition. (Note my previous best: 716 lbs in 220 lbs class, but my body weight on competition day was 235 lbs)

Strategy: I've taken over a year off from powerlifting training to start my personal training business, during that time I've been performing a lot of body weight, functional and plyometric movements, lost about 40 lbs of body weight (a mixture of fat and muscle), and performed minimal heavy resistance training.  That said, there were several factors I took into account during this training cycle...

  • I'm extremely active all day long, so I needed to minimize soreness and excessive fatigue and maximize my time with my clients and to work on my business.
  • I haven't trained the heavy lifts in over a year, so I needed to slowly ease my way into training to avoid injury.
  • I didn't want to increase my body weight too much as staying lean has been good for business, so I kept volume to a minimum.
  • I have years of practice in the movement so volume and excessive reps (practicing) wasn't necessary for me.

8 Week Training Program (taking minimalism to the maximum)
- One heavy lifting day per week, minimal reps, easing my way up to avoid injury.
- Continue bodyweight, functional and moderate to high intensity resistance training with clients rest of week.
WK1: 405/1, 495/2
WK2: 415/1, 505/1
WK3: 425/1, 515/1, 525/1
WK4: 445/1 , 535/1, 545/1
WK5: 405/1 475/1 , 550/1 , 565/1 (5 days post Oral Surgery, all 4 Wisdom teeth removed)
WK6: 405/1 495/1 , 570/1 , 585/1
WK7: 407, 551, 595, 595/1
WK8: Competition week. Tons of Rest.

Weigh In: 197.5 lbs (24 hours prior to comp)

Pre Competition Weight: 205 lbs

Competition Results: 563, 600, 639/1, 673/miss just below knee (USPA 198lb American Record)

8 Week Training Video:

Competition Video:

Big thanks to Liz Freel for her help in the back and selecting my 3rd attempt weight!


  1. YES YES YES ... Awesome pull Jason ... very inspiring ... I know I can get there ... You'll have that record soon ...