Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Split Squat with Knee drive for improved power and speed

While training for my upcoming Deadlift competition I was thinking through some single leg movements that would allow me to train my legs explosively while reducing the overall fatigue a bilateral (2 leg) squat would have on my nervous system.

Smith Machine Split Squat with Knee Drive
I like this movement for a few reasons:

  • As mentioned above, its a good unilateral supplementary movement to include in your overall strength routine.
  • You start from the bottom vs. the top, which means you don't get to use that stretch reflex on the bottom like you do when performing a normal squat.  Thi is similar to the starting position of the deadlift,  as well as the starting position for a sprint.
  • Great movement for simultaneously strengthening the glutes and teaching your body to explosively drive that opposite knee (first step in a sprint). 
  • It's easy to rack the weight each rep, and focus on singles instead of continuous reps where you use momentum. 

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