Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shred Em Up Core Training Workout

Here's a video of a bunch of core exercises I perform with some of my clients, and a workout you can try on your own.

1. Band Plank + Mountain Climber
In this video he's performing a Suspended Mountain Climber using a TRX like device, but you can also perform this same exercise without the TRX.  Make sure the band is set up around your lower back, not your upper back. Push your lower back into the band to engage your core.

2. Band Plank Atomic Push up
Again, in this video he uses a TRX device to perform a suspended prone knee crunch, but feel free to use a stability ball in place of the TRX, if you really want to be bad a$$ try performing a body weight variation without a TRX or Stability Ball as seen in this blog post

3. Side Plank with Overhead Holds
Great for building pilar strength from head to toe.  Weights are optional, start out just trying to reach your hand high while holding this position, then graduate to a Kettlebell or Dumbbell for added resistance.

4. Horizontal Vector Squats
Wrap the band around the waist and your core will instantly activate to fight the horizontal force (force pulling laterally vs downward) that's being applied.  Add a Kettlebell or Dumbbell for a additional resistance in the Vertical Vector (think force pulling toward floor).

Add these exercises into your existing routine or as an additional workout.

In this video Dave performs these exercises with 30 seconds on / 15 seconds off.   With 90 seconds rest or active recovery (jogging and shuffles in place using bands) in between rounds.  Perform for 3-5 rounds. 

Now stop watching and start doing. It's Game Time!

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