Thursday, March 3, 2011

Look in your trainers fridge

Just returned from grocery shopping at Trader Joe's.  Figured I'd share what a typical trip to the store consists of for my Fiance and I.

Weekly Grocery List:
4 Dozen Eggs
2 Flat Iron Steaks
1 package Grass Fed Beef
2 packages Pork Tenderloin
2 packages of 4 Turkey burgers
2 containers of Hummus
1 Bottle of Soy Sauce
2 Bushels of Bananas
Several Bags of Assorted Frozen Vegetables
1 Bag of Fresh Spinach

And of course our "treats":
6 pack of Hansen's Diet Soda
1 pack of "Simply the Best" Trail Mix
1 pack of Sweet Potato Fries

You'll notice a few things.

1. Very few treats, sugary or starchy carb intensive items. 
Know yourself. My fiance and I can't have that stuff in the house or we'll eat it.  If you have the self restraint to stay away from the bad stuff and save it for special occasions during the week, go for it.  But if you're like the rest of us mortals, odds are if you have them in the house and you're hungry, you're most likely going to the crappy, high processed, delicious tasting stuff first.  

If you want the starchy carbs on occasion, make it so you have to leave the house for it, and only bring back what you need for that one occasion.

2. Lots of protein 
I'm not saying it's perfect, completely organic, unprocessed, etc. But it's manageable. The stuff we get tastes great, easy to cook/prepare, fits into our budget and something we can sustain (which is really important).

3. Lots of vegetables 
Again, we could prob spend a ton of time and money purchasing and preparing fresh organic vegetables, but at the moment frozen, pre-cut ones work really well for us.

What do we do with all of those eggs and turkey burgers? 

Make something like this... Meat and Eggs.

Cook those Turkey Burgers all at once and have them as a snack... or mix them with the eggs.



  1. Man Jason you are so right about the treats. I have to push - pull -- drag --- threaten myself to keep away from them. One of those guys tried to follow me into the gym just yesterday. TRIED!!!

  2. Yeah, its funny how you have to play mind games with the body, if the bad stuff is easily accessible you'll find a way to rationalize that its ok to have. Not saying never treat yourself, but try to plan it out on a strategic day/time during the week instead of going to it out of convenience or emotion.

    Thanks for the feedback Rick!

  3. I am going to Trader Joe's tonight to buy those tasty menu items AND I expect them to be in your refrig when I get there next week!! Oh, can you cook it all for me too?