Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home Workout: Push Up Squat Complex

Here's another great extra workout or additional complex to add to your longer workouts that doesn't take up much space or time.

Push Up + Squat Complex
1. Some Push Up Variation (Elevated, off the floor, or Plyo variation)
2. Some Squat Variation (Box, Free Squat, or Squat Jump)

Can be performed in your living room, outside, or in a gym.  No Equipment, No Excuses.

Choose one of the variations from the videos below.

Next, choose a sets, reps or time progression.
Beginner : 10 reps each exercise. Rest. Repeat 5 times. (Totaling 50 reps per exercise)
Intermediate: 20 reps each exercise. Rest. Repeat 5 times. (Totaling 100 reps per exercise)
Advanced: Set 8-10 minutes on the clock. Perform as many 20 rep sets of each exercise in 7 minutes. Rest as needed. Try to beat your total reps each time you perform the complex.

Too easy? Add a weight vest.

Beginner Elevated Push up + Box Squat Complex

Intermediate Push up + Squat Complex

Super Human?

Substitute push up for Plyo Variation.

Substitute squat for a Squat Jump.

Sorry, no video for this one just yet. It's exactly how it sounds. Squat, Jump as high as you can, land safetly back into a squat position and immediately explode back into a jump.

Now quit reading and start doing!

Leave a comment if you've tried it or have questions.


  1. Love those little notes that pop up, helpful. Will send this to my college kid - he says he's short on time and so can't exercise. I know he's struggling with the stress of school and NEEDS exercise - he can do the push-up/squat complex in his dorm room. THANKS!

    P.S. In the last video I think you are just a big show-off. :-D Okay, okay, I bow down... really amazing.

  2. haha well played, I'll make sure to take video of you performing them next time. Hope your son enjoys the workout, tons more to come.