Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Workout: Med ball chopper complex

Here's a great extra workout or additional complex to add to your longer workouts that doesn't take up much space or time.

MB (Medicine Ball) Chopper Complex
1. Chop up/down
2. Chop side to side
3. Chop Diagonal Right to Left
4. Chop Diagonal Left to Right

This is a great core and metabolic workout focusing on the generation of rotational power through the hips. It's also a great grip building exercise as you're holding on to that ball for an extended period of time.

Choose a medicine ball weight between 6 - 15 lbs based on your strength.

Beginner : 10 reps each exercise. Rest. Repeat 5 times. (Totaling 50 reps per exercise)
Intermediate: 20 reps each exercise. Rest. Repeat 5 times. (Totaling 100 reps per exercise)
Advanced: Set 8-10 minutes on the clock. Perform as many 20 rep sets of each exercise in 7 minutes. Rest as needed. Try to beat your total reps each time you perform the complex.

If you want to see the outtake from the original video check out my Disappointment post.

Medicine Ball Chopper Complex

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