Friday, February 11, 2011

Home Band Training Workout Chest Back

Here's a great home band training workout to perform on "off" days from the gym provided by Dave Schmitz.

Set up is simple, connect one band to a high position for the first exercise and a low position for the second exercise.

Exercise 1: Band Bent over Lat Pulldown
Exercise 2: Single Band Chest Press

Perform Each exercise for 1-2 rounds of 6 sets:

  • 10 sec work 
  • 3 sec rest between each set
E.g. Perform Exercise 1 for 6 sets. 10 sec work, 3 sec rest.  Rest 30 seconds before repeating for exercise 2.  If you've got the energy for it, repeat the circuit over again.

Intermediate/Advanced start with either a light (purple) band or a Average (green) band.
Beginner/Intermediate start with a monster mini (black) band or a Mini (red) band.


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