Monday, February 28, 2011

3 Steps to a better you

Good friend of mine Drew Logan wrote a New Years Resolution article this year and I just got a chance to read it.  Great Stuff! Took the words right out of my mouth.

Check out the full article here.  

Here are a couple highlights and my comments:

Step 1: STOP examining THE GOAL!
- Examine the approach instead of the goal.
- If you are trying to accomplish something in a manner that is totally inconsistent with your life, it makes it extremely hard to accomplish! If you know you HATE waking up in the morning, don’t plan to run @ 5am…you won’t do it, and if you do you will hate it even more and give up prematurely.

- We are usually too hard on ourselves for things that we cannot control and give ourselves too much slack on the things we should be controlling.
- Make your fitness goals broken down in 2 different segments: 1 – Food, and 2 – Exercise!
- Break down your goal and score yourself each day (in a journal or blog).  
- Drew provides a great example:
~FOOD: Let's say goal is to have 3 small meals and 2 snacks = 5 food servings a day.
Have all 5 of those options healthy and on task  = 100% (note: meaning no sugar or processed foods BTW)  
Have 4 correctly and blow it on 1 = 80% for the day.
~EXERCISE: Goal 5 days a week of some exercise for 30-60mins
Exercised = Pass
Didn't Exercise = Fail 
Tough day but managed to squeeze in 6-15 minutes of intense exercise = 50% (Which is MUCH better than nothing at all!)
Maintain a running record for 5 of the 7 days during the week.  Maintaining an 85% or above will get you dramatically closer to your goal!
Remember: If you “flunk” a day just keep moving forward and get all “A’s” the rest of the week!

Step 3: F-O-C-U-S Daily (Think Progressions)
- Chip away at your goal every day, start slow, give yourself room to grow (or adapt) and build up on the intensity or duration each day.  
- It seems so simple but honestly this is one of THE biggest issues I see with just about everyone.  Everyone wants to go from 0-100, but you have to hit 1 first... then 2... 3... 4... you get the point.
- Fitness is about ADAPTING.  You don't adapt if you are playing a "Super Bowl" every day. 
- Drew's Example: If you have a goal of running a marathon, you don’t go out and bust your gut on Monday morning to run as far as you can….you start out by walking for an hour every day….then you jog a day and walk a day…then you jog 2 and walk 1….then you jog 3 and walk 1….then…..
- Focus on the goal of THE DAY, and execute it with precision, focus, and enthusiasm

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