Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top iPod or iPad Workout Interval Timers

Over the last year or two I've become a huge fan of hand timing everything about my clients training.  It's an often over looked variable in training, but an extremely important one.

Want to get a gauge of how much work you're actually doing or how efficient you are? Time your workout or exercise duration.

Want to maximize muscle gain in a workout? Monitor the work period.

Want to maximize strength/power gains? Monitor and increase the rest period.

Want to change the metabolic demands of a workout? Monitor and shorten the rest period.

Have a group of people you're working with and want to keep everyone on schedule? Keep everyone on a strict set of timed work and rest periods.

I have used a wide variety of devices/applications to measure time including a basic Timex watch, a stop watch, a Gym Boss Interval Timer and the slightly more expensive Professional Gym Timer.

But since I'm a super nerd and purchased the iPad I've been integrating 2 new interval timer applications into training sessions.  The coolest feature is you can integrate your own music into the apps.

Both can be found in the Apple App Store for both iPod Touch and iPad...

Tabata Pro and iWorkout Muse Pro.

Brief summary of each below...

Tabata Pro - Get it here for $2.99 in Apple App Store

Simple, sleek design, makes it really easy to change work, rest, and preparation periods on the fly.  Adjust the number of cycles and even the number of Tabatas (or how many times you want it to run through your specified cycles.)  Integrate you're own music by selecting specific songs or a playlist from your iPod/iPad.

iWorkout Muse Pro - Get it here for $4.99 in Apple App Store

Creates completely random interval workouts seamlessly mixed to the end-user's favorite music to power and automate group exercise classes and/or personal workouts. Slightly more customizable then Tabata Pro including features like:

  • Optional pre and post workout customizations.
  • Ability to create an entire workout of varying intervals combinations

See movie trailer for the app below:

Happy Timing! These applications will come in very handy for upcoming challenges you'll see on the blog this week.


  1. I agree with the tabata pro suggestion, as this timer gives you all the prep time, work time and rest time all in one. I downloaded it to my Macbook, and use it for my 20 minute total body workout. It allows for HIIT and be finished with a complete fat-burning workout (I use a workout designed just for me by Jay to do in the comfort of my "down-to-earth" gym (my basement...haha))in what-seems-to-be a few minutes. I think it is well worth the "investment in time(r)"...yeah, I am so clever!

  2. Not quite sure how you missed Seconds Pro from this post. It's far superior to these timers. For instance you can create and save round timers, HIIT timers, circuit timers. You can assign playlists to individual intervals for extra motivation, you can share timers with your friends, it has text to speech to announce your interval names.