Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seated Rack Shoulder Press

For those of you that want to take the momentum out of the overhead press, here's a seated variation of the Kneeling Rack Shoulder Press from the other day.


  • Since the lower half of your body is on stretch you'll end up working a lot more of the postural muscles in the back. 
  • Rack pin placement should be anywhere from chin to forehead.
  • All reps should be performed as a single, don't bounce the weight off of the pins. 
  • Prior to initiating the movement, take a deep breath, tighten up your abs, then tense up everything in your upper body and explosively press upwards. 
  • I'm alternating between pressing from the front of the body and back of the body each rep, you can change it depending on your goals. Pressing from behind the head is typically much harder then pressing from the front. As an alternative you can press from the front, eccentrically lower to the back, then push from the front again (instead of pushing from the back).

Seated Rack Shoulder Press

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